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Marion Scovell

Marion Scovell

Brexit, employment rights and the general election

With news of a general election in June, now is the time to ensure that workers’ rights are high on the political agenda.

The Trade Union Act kicks in and unions fight back!

Today is a dark day for workers as the majority of the Trade Union Act comes into force.

A victory in the battle against the gig economy

The abuse of workers in the growing ‘gig economy’ was highlighted in the recent employment tribunal case against Uber.

Sexual harassment: is it ever 'just a bit of banter?'

Shocking figures of sexual harassment at work have dominated the headlines today, with the publication of new research ‘Still just a bit of banter?’

Football, fairness and flexibility

As Euro 2016 football fever grips fans, we blow the whistle on employment issues that may cause red cards in the workplace.

Employment law - what do we want?

Prospect reps have stressed that stronger rights for union organisation, transparent and fair pay, and protection for workers with mental health difficulties are among their key priorities for improvements in the law.

Fighting back against the Trade Union Act

The Trade Union Bill’s vicious attack on workers is recognised in several motions to conference. Sadly the Bill has now become an Act, with royal assent rushed through last week.

A sad day for workers as the Trade Union Bill becomes law

The invidious Trade Union Bill has now received royal assent. The Act is a massive attack on workers and their unions.