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Sue Ferns

Sue Ferns

Making science and innovation a voting issue

The prime minister’s decision to call an early general election is going to dominate the news over the next two months. The election will be an opportunity for Prospect members to make their views known to candidates from across the parties – and on science and innovation there are big...

Unions are most effective when they focus on a common goal

The changing world of work poses plenty of challenges for unions. Some of these are thrown into sharper relief by the rise of the gig economy and the uncertain shadow of Brexit.

Supporting women starters and returners in science and engineering

Skills and policies to rebuild our economy were the key themes in the government’s industrial strategy green paper published in January.

MPs, Lords and experts highlight risks of withdrawing from Euratom

MPs, Lords and experts from across the political spectrum have raised their concerns about the UK government’s decision to leave Euratom, the European Atomic Energy community.

EU approves CETA, but the fight is not over

The European Parliament has voted in favour of a free-trade agreement between the EU and Canada (CETA), with 408 votes for, 254 against and 33 abstentions.

Lobby for the future of Euratom

Having waited six months for the Government to clarify its intentions about Brexit, the Supreme Court judgement on 24 January requiring Parliamentary consent for exit, presaged frenetic political activity.

Government Science and Engineering broadens access to the profession

Membership of the Government Science and Engineering profession will be open to public sector organisations – and no longer restricted to civil servants.

Government Science and Engineering – a high-profile, proud and effective profession

Raising the profile and celebrating the success of Government Science and Engineering is not only the right thing to do, but essential to safeguard its future.