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Prospect has produced a range of materials to help you campaign for a better work-life balance in your own workplace.

You can download posters, guides and factcards from the lists below, or request printed copies by emailing central.services@prospect.org.uk

We have web pages specifically about work-related stress and childcare and work-life balance.

Finally, don't forget that Prospect full-time officers - our negotiators and organisers - are a resource.


Posters and leaflets

WorkTime YourTime: Do you never switch off from work?   info

WorkTime YourTime: Working late to meet another deadline?   info

WorkTime YourTime: Diary congestion giving you indigestion?   info

WorkTime YourTime: Never find the time to recharge your own battery?   info

WTYT flyer   info

WorkTime YourTime meetings poster   info

WorkTime YourTime: Need protecting from burn-out?   info

WorkTime YourTime: Will your Blackberry make you crumble   info

Guides and factcards

12 Parental and family leave   info
This booklet - updated in October 2015 - explains everyone's rights under the Maternity and Parental Leave regulations and the Paternity and Adoptive Leave regulations.

16 Part-time and flexible working   info
How flexible and reduced patterns of work can help you balance your working life with your personal life

20 Homeworking   info
Homeworking is a flexible arrangement by which workers use their home as their main or subsidiary place of work for an employer, either as an office or as a base from which visits are made. Updated October 2011

Body and workplace mapping factcard   info
An explanation of mapping techniques: simple steps you can take to unearth the health hazards in your workplace or business area