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When state pensions are paid


When state pensions are paid

State pensions are paid from your state pension age (SPA).

clockface ticking down to retirementHistorically SPA was 65 for men and 60 for women. Legislation passed in the 1990s has required women’s age to be equalised with men’s and as a result women’s SPa has been increasing since 2010, and will equalise with men’s SPA in 2018. Further changes are planned.

You can see your state pension age by downloading Prospect’s state pension age calculator.

At July 2015, the calendar for state pension age changes is:

Date of birth

Date of change

SPA - Men

SPA - Women

Up to 05/04/1950

Up to 05/04/2010




06/04/2010 – 05/12/2018


Rising from 60 to 65

06/12/1953 - 05/10/1954

06/12/2018 – 05/10/2020

Rising from 65 to 66

06/10/1954 - 05/04/1960

06/10/2020 – 05/04/2026


06/04/1960 - 05/03/1961

06/04/2026 – 05/03/2028

Rising from 66 to 66 and 11 months

06/03/1961 - 05/04/1977

06/03/2028 – 05/04/2044


06/04/1977 - 05/04/1978

06/04/2044 – 05/04/2046

Rising from 67 to 68

After 05/04/1978

06/04/2046 onwards


Aside from these changes, which have already been written into law, the government plans to review SPA every five years starting in 2017.

The last (coalition) government said adjustments would be made to ensure that, on average, individuals do not spend more than one-third of their adult life in retirement.

Any future changes would need to be introduced through a new Act passed by Parliament. Based on previous government announcements we hope that that at least ten year’s notice would be given of any future changes.

An official review in March 2017 made recommendations for future rises, but these have not been passed as law yet. See State Pension age Review - Initial Summary of Review Papers Document for more information.

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