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Getting information on your entitlement

Getting information on your entitlement

Some calculations about your entitlement are easier than others

calculatorThe basis for working out Basic State Pension and Single Tier Pension is relatively straightforward, but the system for calculating Additional State Pensions and deductions made for contracted out service is exceptionally convoluted.

In the government’s own words “these complex rules have made calculating or forecasting a person’s Additional State Pension entitlement difficult.”

Whichever of these systems applies to you, the following official online resources might be useful:

Latest pensions documents

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Notes of talk to Forestry Commission 2018 ADC about the new Alpha pension arrangements.

PSSEC - firefighters' and judges' age discrimination cases   info
A circular outlining the recent EAT decision about age discrimination claims brought by firefighters and judges in relation to public sector pension reform.

NEC PASC Agenda 16 January 2018   info
The agenda for the meeting.

Pension tax relief teleconference - December 2017   info
Recording of teleconference on pension tax relief held in December 2017.

Letter to Pensions Minister re State Pension Age review   info
Letter to Guy Opperman MP about proposed change to principle underpinning future reviews of State Pension Age that would result in higher State Pension Age for millions of people.