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Pensions and retirement

Pensions is probably the most complex area that Prospect representatives handle on behalf of members, who are covered by hundreds of different pension schemes.

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We represent members' pension interests in a number of ways:

  • providing assistance on specific queries
  • encouraging reps to become member-nominated trustees of their pension scheme
  • providing training and regular briefings for pension reps and trustees
  • taking a leading role in helping members negotiate improvements to their pension schemes
  • obtaining independent actuarial advice on changes which employers propose to their pension schemes
  • helping members who leave the public sector following privatisation or contracting out. We have been directly involved in the establishment of new private sector pension schemes for those members, ensuring that the range of benefits is broadly comparable to their previous scheme.

We have an excellent record in dealing with members' pension rights, from:

  • resolving problems relating to the late payment of pension benefits
  • advising on the detailed application of their scheme's rules
  • helping members present cases to the Pensions Ombudsman
  • negotiating major improvements to their pension schemes.

Individual advice and guidance

Prospect can offer advice and legal representation on pensions issues. Members seeking this should first contact their local Prospect rep or full-time negotiator.

If a member dies, their partner, spouse or other beneficiaries of the pension scheme can seek advice from Prospect about matters relating to the benefits and rights of dependents arising from the scheme for up to 12 months after the member’s death. 

Individual advice on pension-related decisions is available from Prospect's financial services provider, Lighthouse.

Changes to public sector pensions

Read more about changes to public sector pensions in the public service area of the website.


Latest pensions documents

Letter to FST re low earners in net pay scheme   info
Letter to Financial Secretary to the Treasury about the issue of pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes.

Letter from John Glen re pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes   info
Response from Economic Secretary to the Treasury to letter about the issue of pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes.

Letter to pension minister re potential RPI CPI statutory override   info
Letter to pension minister expressing opposition to the possibility of re-opening the issue of allowing employers to unilaterally change the index for increasing pensions from RPI to CPI.

Letter to Cabinet Office re ACPs paid by Carillion   info
Letter to Cabinet Office seeking meeting to discuss redress for ex civil servants made redundant by companies in the Carillion Group.

AEAT Pension Scheme - Frank Field Letter - February 2018   info
Letter from Frank Field MP to Pension Minister calling for AEAT Pension Scheme advice to be included in remit of PO or PHSO.