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Pension briefings

Pensions briefings

Brexit - The Impact on Pensions   info
A look at the early signs on what has happened to the world of pensions in the advent of the decision to break away the EU.
 09 September 2016 

Isle of Man public sector pension reform FAQ April 2016   info
FAQ about public sector pension reform for members in the Isle of Man.
 04 April 2016 

Budget 2016 briefing for negotiators   info
Briefing for negotiators on pension issues arising from Budget 2016.
 22 March 2016 

Update on the future of consumer inflation statistics   info
Provides an update on price statistics by the National Statistician.
 21 March 2016 

State Pension Mythbuster   info
This document aims to answer some of the more complex, yet fundamental, questions around the changes to the state pension system.
 19 January 2016 

Impact of State Pension Reform on Guaranteed Minimum Pensions   info
This briefing outlines how increases to Guaranteed Minimum Pensions will change for those who receive the new State Pension from April 2016.
 07 December 2015 

Drawing on Defined Contribution Pensions   info
A briefing note outlining options available to those who are accessing defined contribution pension savings. The note also briefs on the considerations of various issues such as tax; and suggests questions that members should ask of themselves and a financial adviser.
 13 November 2015 

PPBN - Deferring State Pension   info
Briefing note on deferring state pension.
 30 July 2015 

PPBN - Pension Protection Fund   info
Update briefing note on Pension Protection Fund - June 2017.
 29 July 2015 

Response to Ofgem Funding Pensions Consultation   info
Prospect Response to 2015 Ofgem consultation on funding defined benefit pensions
 23 July 2015 

The New State Pension   info
The state pensions system changed in April 2016. This briefing for Prospect members outlines the changes - how you build up state pension, when you get it and how much you might receive.
 08 July 2015 

Class 3 Voluntary National Insurance   info
Briefing on Class 3 National Insurance, used to top up State Pension entitlements.
 08 July 2015 

Increase in National Insurance Contributions from April 2016   info
Briefing note on abolition of National Insurance rebates from April 2016.
 19 June 2015 

LGPS 2014 – Protections for the Rule of 85 Early Retirement   info
Outline of LGPS Rule of 85 protection.
 11 June 2015 

PPBN - Class 3A NI Contributions   info
Briefing note about introduction of Class 3A National Insurance contributions to purchase extra additional State Pension entitlement.
 02 June 2015 

PPBN - introduction to pension tax relief   info
Prospect pension briefing note - introduction to pension tax relief system as at December 2012
 14 October 2013 

Introduction to pension tax relief   info
Briefing note giving background to the pension tax relief regime and latest developments on how pension tax relief is restricted for higher earners.
 14 December 2012 

PPBN - Salary sacrifice   info
Prospect pension briefing note on salary sacrifice arrangements for pension contributions.
 08 March 2010 

Latest pensions documents

Letter to FST re low earners in net pay scheme   info
Letter to Financial Secretary to the Treasury about the issue of pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes.

Letter from John Glen re pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes   info
Response from Economic Secretary to the Treasury to letter about the issue of pension tax relief for low earners in net pay schemes.

Letter to pension minister re potential RPI CPI statutory override   info
Letter to pension minister expressing opposition to the possibility of re-opening the issue of allowing employers to unilaterally change the index for increasing pensions from RPI to CPI.

Letter to Cabinet Office re ACPs paid by Carillion   info
Letter to Cabinet Office seeking meeting to discuss redress for ex civil servants made redundant by companies in the Carillion Group.

AEAT Pension Scheme - Frank Field Letter - February 2018   info
Letter from Frank Field MP to Pension Minister calling for AEAT Pension Scheme advice to be included in remit of PO or PHSO.