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Pensions blog

Pensions blog

Prospect's pensions officers blog about the issues that exercise their minds.

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Pension equality for same sex couples?

A landmark ruling by the Supreme Court on 12 July found in favour of a businessman who argued for equal pension benefits for his husband.


More about cashing in pension benefits (or not!)

I wrote earlier in the year about the issue of cashing in final salary pension benefits and there have been some developments since then that are worth catching up on.

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Briefing note about Lifetime ISA for Prospect members

I have written twice before about the Lifetime ISA – a new savings product available since 6 April 2017 to encourage young people to save for their first home or retirement.

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Pensions – what the manifestos say

As the average age of the electorate increases so does the importance of pension issues in general elections. Pension policies directly impact on the standard of living of current pensioners, who have a higher propensity to vote.

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Defined Benefit Pensions - collectively agreed changes to accrued rights?

Prospect has just responded to the Department for Work and Pensions’ consultation on Security and Sustainability of Defined Benefit Pension Schemes.