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Overseas working

Working overseas? Prospect can still help

Professional staff are often required by their employer to work abroad for short periods or are sometimes contracted to work abroad for a number of years.  

members guide to overseas workingWe can advise on the nature of contracts of employment offered to members seeking or accepting work outside the UK.

Where these contracts are covered by the jurisdiction of the UK courts, legal assistance may be provided. We are unable to assist with contracts covered by the laws of any other country.

For further information see the Prospect Members’ Guide to Overseas Working. This covers contract terms, advice on living abroad, accommodation and facilities for other family members and what to do in the case of difficulties.

Other sources of information and advice

We have links with unions in other countries who can offer assistance locally to Prospect members.

UNI logoUNI passport scheme

Union Network International (UNI) is a global network representing over 900 unions worldwide. Prospect members who are working in a country other than their home country are eligible for support through the UNI passport scheme. This means can get help from a locally-based union which understands employment conditions and employment law in the country in which you are working.

For more information about the UNI passport scheme, please visit their website.

Mobil-net logoMobil-net: advice on living and working elsewhere in Europe

Members working in other European countries, or planning to do so, can also get advice and guidance from trade union officers in these countries through the Eurocadres mobil-net.

Eurocadres represents more than 5 million professional and managerial staff throughout Europe, and is ideally placed to offer this support.

Mobil-net is a network of union mobility advisors - there is at least one in each EU member state. They are all experienced trade union officials who represent professional and managerial staff in their respective countries. They have been trained by Eurocadres on rules relating to mobility of professional and managerial staff across the EU plus the specific issues people face when moving to live and work in another country.

Visit the Eurocadres website for a list of names and contact details of the mobility advisors who will be pleased to help you. The site also contains useful information about working in other EU countries.

International recognition of qualifications and pension provision

Prospect is running a long-standing campaign for the international recognition of national qualifications, such as CEng, and the transfer of pension provisions within EU countries.