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Interns - your rights at work

Internships can be a good way for people to gain experience within a field and to get a valuable insight into the area of work. But in some cases, employers use such arrangements as a means of getting unpaid labour, exploiting the individual and blocking opportunities for full employment.

The terms intern and work experience are sometimes used interchangeably, but generally an internship is likely to be a more structured arrangement.  This can mean that members will have more employment rights than they think.  

Legal rights

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Join Prospect

By joining Prospect you will have access to expert advice on establishing your employment status and enforcing your legal rights.

Joining together with other interns through Prospect will give you a voice to help improve your rights at work. You will have the support of the union’s representatives, full time officers, and specialist advisers on a range of issues that affect you.

As a Prospect member you would also have access to a range of legal services for issues outside of work (many covering not just you but also a partner and dependent children), financial services, and membership benefits.