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Fixed term contracts

Fixed term contracts

Job security is an important issue for most staff. But for people on fixed term contracts (FTCs) it's a real concern.

members guide to fixed term contractsAn FTC is where the employment contract is:

  • for a specified period
  • to complete a particular task, or
  • ends on the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of a specific event.

Being on an FTC can affect:

  • career progression
  • access to training
  • the ability to get a mortgage.

Many employees across the economy work on fixed-term contracts or as casual staff. Prospect opposes the indiscriminate use of temporary appointments because they undermine the security, terms and conditions and career development of all Prospect members. We campaign for parity of terms and conditions between members on temporary and permanent contracts.

flexible membership leafletIf you're a seasonal, casual or fixed-term worker, Prospect can provide you with the full range of benefits, services and support available to members on permanent contracts.

We have designed a special membership package which recognises your special circumstances. Prospect's subscription rates are linked to your income, so the less you earn, the less you pay.

While you are working, you pay the rate for your income by direct debit. If you are between contracts, you keep your full membership but at the reduced rate of just over £1 a month.

If you move between fixed-term contracts with different employers, you will carry your membership with you. This means you will be able to call on Prospect for help in between jobs and while you are considering a new contract with a new employer.


Leaflet/booklet: Flexible membership   info
Recruitment leaflet for seasonal workers or those not on a permanent contract. Sets out our special membership package which recognises the special requirements of people in seasonal, fixed-term or casual work.
 01 June 2010