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Employment rights

Your employment rights

If you've got a query about your rights at work, Prospect can help. As well as dealing with members' individual queries we produce an employment rights factcard, and a series of members' guides covering key issues in more detail.

legal rights factcardThese are examples of the questions we deal with on a daily basis.

  • Am I entitled to a contract setting out the terms of my employment?
  • I have applied for promotion to the next grade several times, but am never successful. In the last promotion round I was sure I was well qualified and suited for promotion. I am now beginning to think that this is due to my race. Can I take a claim to an employment tribunal?
  • I have been working at my job for several years and a new person has just been recruited to do the same job as I do, but they are being paid £3,000 per year more than I am. Am I not entitled to equal pay?
  • I have been off work with chronic fatigue syndrome for several months, my doctor thinks I am ready to go back but that I should have a gradual return to work, rather than going back to full duties immediately. Can I ask my employer for this?
  • How much annual leave am I entitled to?
  • Can my employer insist I work on bank holidays?

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Employment law resources


Your legal rights at work   info
This factcard outlines your rights at work as of 1 January 2017. It only covers the minimum legal requirements – in most cases your contract of employment will offer better terms, so the rights in your contract will apply.

Members' guides

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15 TUPE regulations   info

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27 atypical workers   info

Employment law updates

0430 - Apprenticeships: The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and The Disclosure and Barring Service [DBS]   info

0429 - Annual Revision of Compensation limits   info

0428 - Post-termination Restrictive Covenants   info

0427 - Gender Pay Gap Regulations 2017   info

Equality rights in goods, services & cakes   info

0425 - Calculation of Holiday pay - including overtime, commission, & allowances   info

0424 - ACAS Early Conciliation records April - June 2016   info

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0421 - Check-off challenge succeeds   info

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