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1: your rights

Safety rep toolkit: 1
Health and safety rep rights

We explain your rights, liability and entitlements along side Prospect's expectations and commitments.  

hard hat and clipboardLegal entitlements

  • Facilities and assistance from your employer to carry out your functions
  • Time off with pay for you to perform your functions and undergo training
  • Consultation 'in good time' on H&S matters where the employer is obliged to consult
  • You can require an employer to set up a safety committee (provided at least two of you ask).

Prospect's expectations

  • You are valued and free from harassment, intimidation or discrimination 
  • You carry out your functions responsibly, with due regard to Prospect's reputation
  • Your employer responds to you constructively and in good time.

Prospect's commitments

  • We will provide appropriate local and central union support
  • We may consider referring allegations of non-compliance with the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations to Employment Tribunals or HSE. However, there are strict process time limits. If you reasonably believe a case should be referred, you should seek advice from your Prospect full-time officer for more information as soon as possible. Workplace and other legal assistance is offered at the discretion of the union and is decided on the facts and merits of each case.

Your liability

As an H&S rep, you have rights and responsibilities, not duties. H&S reps have no greater liability for health and safety than any other employee.

Time off for trade union H&S rep training

Pages 16 and 17 of the Approved Code of Practice to the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations (the Brown Book) set out the rights to time off for trade union safety training.


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