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Health and safety posters

You can download low-resolution versions of our posters from the list below.

If you want high quality printed copies to display on your noticeboards just email and ask what posters are currently available.

slips and trips posterbullying and harassment posterSafety reps 'orange' poster

apple posterstress posterbanana poster

Taking time, saving lives – safety rep poster   info
A4 Prospect safety rep poster

Stop playing games with health and safety A4 poster   info
Every review shows our H&S framework works. Still the Government ignores evidence and meddles. We’ll remember the dead and fight for the living. Red tape not red dressings or bandages!

Good Work A4 poster   info
Does your work tick all the boxes?

Safety reps – your rock in a hard place   info
A4 poster to encourage people to become health and safety reps

Prospect, sea change at work poster   info
A4 poster for health and safety reps. Sea change at work? Make sure it's fair change

WorkTime YourTime meetings poster   info
A noticeboard poster to advertise WTYT meetings in the workplace

WorkTime YourTime: Need protecting from burn-out?   info
Sunscreen poster - one of six for the WorkTime YourTime campaign

WorkTime YourTime: Will your Blackberry make you crumble   info
Blackberry poster - one of six for the WorkTime YourTime campaign

Stress poster: don't suffer alone   info
More than 13 million working days are lost each year due to stress, anxiety or depression. This poster asks what your employer is doing about it.

Health and safety inspection poster   info
Use this poster to inform your members that a health and safety inspection will be taking place

'Don't suffer in silence' poster   info
A poster about stress, harassment and bullying at work. This is a low-resolution version of the poster. High-resolution printed versions are available from Central Services at Prospect HQ.