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Guides and factcards

Guides and factcards


Zoonotic infections   info
A factcard for all members who work with animals and/or in the countryside. Covers details of the law, safe working practices and information about zoonotic infections.

Health and safety rights factcard   info
As a worker, you have the right to work in a place where risks to your health and safety are properly controlled. Health and safety is about preventing you getting hurt at work or being made ill by work.

Health and safety in annual reports   info
High-level leadership checklist - for H&S Reps use in checking corporate compliance. Feel free to share with your CEO

Body and workplace mapping factcard   info
An explanation of mapping techniques: simple steps you can take to unearth the health hazards in your workplace or business area

Asbestos: the hidden killer   info
Members' factcard covering the hidden dangers of asbestos, an overview of the law, advice on your rights as an employee. Includes questions to help Prospect members and reps check compliance in their own workplace.

Members' guides

03 Harassment and bullying   info
What is harassment, and how to deal with it

08 Stress   info
Members' Guide to stress. Prospect’s Stress, Stigma, Solutions campaign is based on the premise that stress and stigma can be overcome and that there are solutions.

26 Safe driving and work-related road risk   info
This aims to safeguard you as a road user, protect you as a duty-holder ,and enable Prospect reps to measure and promote their employer’s compliance.

01 Lone Working   info
Advice for anyone who travels alone, carries out fieldwork or works at outside premises

Rep's guides

Just Culture   info
Guidance on Just Culture for reps, particularly safety reps.

Stress, stigma and solutions   info
A guide for Prospect representatives on tackling stress and making links to stigma and discrimination. Based on solutions. Linked to MG8, MG29 and Stress poster: MG8 MG29 Stress pop-art poster

Fair Change – Prospect guide to organisational change   info
This guide presents early findings from Prospect's research into organisational change, as a framework to promote awareness and prompt dialogue about our future policy direction.