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Health and safety resources

Health and safety resources

Including published guidance, factcards, checklists, briefings and submissions. Plus NEC Health & Safety Advisory Committee approved papers.

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Guides and factcards

Factcard: Asbestos: the hidden killer   info

Factcard: Body and workplace mapping factcard   info

Factcard: Health and safety in annual reports   info

Factcard: Health and safety rights factcard   info

Rep's guide: Fair Change – Prospect guide to organisational change   info

Rep's guide: Stress, stigma and solutions   info

Members' guide: 01 Lone Working   info

Members' guide: 03 Harassment and bullying   info

Members' guide: 08 Stress   info

Members' guide: 20 Homeworking   info

Members' guide: 26 Safe driving and work-related road risk   info

Members' guide: 05 whistleblowing   info

Members' guide: 29 Stress management competencies   info

Safety briefings

Powering Improvement news July 2016   info
 25 July 2016 

Managing occupational ill health risks - Powering Improvement 2016   info
 25 July 2016 

10 techneg ddoeth i drechu straen - Cymru   info
 20 June 2016 


Stress true/false quiz   info

Women's PPE: One Size Does Not Fit All   info

Safety representatives and safety committees - Brown Book   info

40@40: health and safety stories from the frontline   info

Stress do's and don'ts - useful in recruitment   info

WTYT flyer   info

Asbestos register leaflet   info

Inspect and protect - become a safety rep   info


Don’t let standards fall through the health and safety net   info

Taking time, saving lives – safety rep poster   info

Stop playing games with health and safety A4 poster   info

Good Work A4 poster   info

Stress and stigma pop art poster   info

Safety reps – your rock in a hard place   info

Prospect, sea change at work poster   info

WorkTime YourTime meetings poster   info

WorkTime YourTime: Need protecting from burn-out?   info

WorkTime YourTime: yet another working lunch?   info

Worktime YourTime: Has life in your car gone too far?   info

WorkTime YourTime: Will your Blackberry make you crumble   info

Safer work, better lives   info

Stress poster: don't suffer alone   info

Health and safety inspection poster   info

'Don't suffer in silence' poster   info


Special needs reply form   info

Special needs reply form   info

H&S Conference special requirements form   info

Safety Representatives REPORT template POORLY MANAGED ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE   info

Safety Representatives REPORT template LONG HOURS   info

BLANK (PDF) Safety Rep INSPECTION form from Brown Book   info

BLANK (PDF) Safety Representatives REPORT form from Brown Book   info

Prospect asbestos register form   info

Notification of safety rep appointment   info


Improving Lives - Prospect response to The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper   info

Proposals to exempt self-employed from HSWA - Prospect submission to HSE Consultation CD273   info

Construction Design Management Regulations - Prospect submission to HSE Consultation CD261   info

H&S advisory committee minutes and agendas

CONFIRMED Minutes of the 48th NEC Health and Safety Advisory Sub-Committee   info

Agenda NEC H&S Advisory Committee 2 Feb 2016   info

MGC SHEF Sub-Committee Presentation   info

H&S advisory committee circulars

H&S Conference - expressions of interest invitation   info

Consultation - Improving Lives Green Paper Work Health & Disability   info

CD276 EMF Consultation Document   info

HSE E-bulletin October 2015   info

Stress EHS week 2610   info