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Shaping change

Shaping change

Prospect can get involved with organisational change.     


  • Find out whether your employer has a change management policy? If not ask for one to be developed and put in place.
  • H&S reps can use their rights to being consulted under Regulation 4A of the SRSC Regs1977. If you're a H&S rep, know your rights and use them. You can find more on change and H&S law  or about fulfilling your role in the H&S Rep toolkit.
  • Ensure your employer brings primary preventive measures to stress management and uses the stress competency framework in line management training. This should ensure a stress risk assessment approach is used and understood. See our stress page for more.

Gather evidence:


Find out company records on:

  • working hours
  • overtime
  • staff turnover
  • staff attendance
  • accidents & ill health
  • staff surveys




Consider the options:

  • Ignore
  • Resist
  • Influence

Taking action

Discuss which route you wish to take with your Prospect negotiator. Then follow-through.

Our WorkTime YourTime resources may help. There are many examples of flexible working options our members have gained through negotiation.

For a hard copy read of our advice on organisational change download Fair Change.