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Change: an introduction

The world of work has significantly changed over the last 20 years with rapid  technological developments and the impact of globalisation. Managers may have the right to manage, but workers have the right to good management and this includes change management

Whilst change may be unavoidable, its direction and the way it is brought about are not. Given the mounting evidence of increasing ill health amongst workers affected by change, the ability of a Trade Union to influence it is vital to the health and well-being of its membership.

Did you know it is widely reported that around 70% of change management projects fail?

These pages examine our changing world of work, its impact on health and well-being and its impact on Prospect: on our members whose lives and livelihoods we aim to protect; and upon the strength we need to achieve this.

They are intended to provide a framework for discussion, enabling Prospect collectively to consider how we want to influence change. To this end we highlight existing health and safety law and standards that enable us to anticipate and respond to change, together with practical tools we can use now in support of our Branches and members.

Remember, change affects us all and cuts across traditional boundaries between 'health and safety' and 'industrial relations'. Never has it been more important for Prospect to work together, deploying the collective bargaining skills of our reps, the extensive rights of our health and safety reps and the commitment and support of our full-time officers to develop a coherent and targeted approach.

These pages are therefore for everyone:

  • members
  • section and branch representatives
  • union committee members
  • health & safety reps
  • full-time officers.