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Lobbying on health and safety

Health and safety lobbying - the broader union agenda

Unions are campaigning for a range of health and safety improvements.

safety montageCurrent campaigns include:

  • Hazards Campaign - fighting for justice for asbestos victims; campaigns on workplace stress emphasising the organisational causes that can be remedied by good union safety interventions; awareness-raising about the apparent underestimate of occupational cancer.
  • Enhanced H&S reps' rights - the TUC is pushing for roving H&S reps and greater rights to consultation and participation.

    In an attempt to tackle unresponsive employers, the TUC introduced Union Inspection Notices, which resemble the Australian system of Provisional Improvement Notices (PINs). PINs exist in law in some Australian states whereas UINs are a TUC initiative and have no legal basis.
  • International Workers' Memorial Day, where trade unions worldwide commemorate those killed, injured or made ill by their work and campaign for the right to a safe and healthy working environment.

    The day is marked annually on 28 April to raise awareness of the toll of fatal accidents at work. There is wide concern that HSE statistics reflect the RIDDOR-reportable figures. RIDDOR does not include work-related road traffic accidents (about 1000 per annum). The stats also exclude the deaths from asbestos-related diseases (about 4000 per annum).