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Help and support for reps

Help and support for health and safety

Prospect takes pride in being able to speak with authority on health and safety matters. We use the professional expertise of our members, many of whom are professional safety practitioners, technical safety specialists or are responsible for managing the health and safety of other employees.

hard hat and clipboardFor success, we need to work together: Prospect HQ supporting branches; branches and reps supporting HQ.

How we can help you

Prospect has 1,200 H&S reps - make sure you know who your rep is so you can contact them for help. Or why not consider becoming an H&S rep yourself?

Branches and full-time officers may be approached on complex matters and are available to support health and safety reps. If you don't know your local rep or FTO contact our membership department by email or phone 01932 577007.

Organisers can assist by helping you arrange and publicise H&S meetings with your constituents; and show you how you can use H&S to educate colleagues and recruit new members.

Our health and safety discussion forum provides a gateway to Prospect discussion and information-sharing. Or send your request for information to

The Research department at Prospect pursues national health and safety policy matters, engages in high-level consultations and is available to provide specialist H&S support to Prospect branches and officials. We work with members of the NEC H&S Advisory Sub-committee to pursue national policy and campaign issues.

Members' Services handle Prospect's personal injury scheme

How you can help us

We need evidence to support our high-level representations and promote our credibility as an authority on health and safety. Please help.

If you're a member, activist or full-time officer:

  • engage in the health and safety discussion forum
  • become an H&S rep
  • tell us about your experiences of good or bad practice so we have evidence when we make national representations or respond to government consultations. Send your story or case study to

If you're already an H&S rep:

  • take part in health and safety campaigns, eg HSE's asbestos campaign or shattered lives campaign
  • consider becoming a member of the NEC H&S Advisory Sub-committee - branches are invited to make nominations every two years
  • send us feedback on successful initiatives by emailing We are always keen to hear about good H&S practice that might be useful as case studies when we are promoting our work nationally, for instance with the TUC or HSE.