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Driving for work

Work-related road risk

Driving is the most dangerous work risk for many Prospect members. Around 1,000 people are killed in work-related road accidents on UK roads.

car prang

Seasonal driving: winter

Coping with cold, snow and ice - advice from the AA - advice from RAC

Risk control

What are the hazards?

The journey

  • road type
  • distance
  • time allocated to travelling
  • time of travel (some hours are higher risk)
  • weather conditions
  • speed limits and
  • familiarity with the route.

The vehicle 

  • maintenance
  • distractions, eg mobile phones/mobile data terminals
  • familiarity with the vehicle controls and responses
  • loads to be carried
  • safety specifications, eg driver and passenger airbags, ABS, EuroNCAP star rating
  • defect identification and correction
  • mechanical defect
  • potential for injury, eg from mobile phone mounting.

The driver

Campaigns and resources

THINK! road safety


Ddiogelwch Ffyrdd Cymru

ROSPA  -  With DfT funding, RoSPA has a wide range of free resources for specific road users: drivers, motorcyclists, pedestrians and pedal cyclists and also employers, parents and road safety practitioners.

Brake - interactive educational activities 

Prospect benefits & services

  • Motor Insurance - CSMA Club members receive competitive rates on car insurance 
  • Young drivers can save money with i-Kube, which tracks their driving patterns and has incentives to stay off the road between 9pm and 5am when they are statistically more likely to be in a crash
  • Prospect’s personal injury scheme provides members with expert advice, and where appropriate, representation through our solicitors.


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