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Health and safety reps

Become a Prospect health and safety rep

Help us reach our goal of having at least one H&S rep in every branch and section and make a real difference in your workplace! 

hard hat and clipboardIndependent research shows that effective H&S reps can reduce work accidents by up to 50%. This positive impact is known as the union effect and only works when there are enough members willing to become H&S representatives.

What does a H&S rep do?

H&S reps are volunteers committed to making a difference to health and safety at work by:

  • fostering positive health and safety practices in the workplace
  • recognising and bringing to management's attention any dangers at work and then helping to tackle them
  • promoting the health and safety interests of colleagues and ensuring that, where someone is made ill or injured, effective arrangements for their return to work and rehabilitation are in place.

Safety Reps achieve this by:

  • inspecting the workplace
  • investigating near misses, accidents and members' H&S complaints
  • representing members' health, safety and welfare interests
  • participating in dialogue and consultation with colleagues, management and H&S committees
  • competence - keeping up-to-date and trained
  • teamwork with fellow local, national and branch reps.

Our 'Inspect and Protect' leaflet summarises the role and rights of a safety rep. The safety rep toolkit explains these in more detail together with the training and support Prospect provides.

Want to be a H&S rep?

Any Prospect member can serve as a Prospect H&S rep provided they have the backing of their Branch or Section.

Interested? If possible, speak to your local Prospect rep and/or branch secretary or chair. You will need their support and they can tell you how you get appointed. If there are more volunteers than there are vacancies for H&S reps, the branch will arrange an election. This is a great way of getting visibility from the start!

What support would I receive? 

All H&S reps are supported by their fellow branch and/or section reps locally. Additionally they have access to one of Prospect's full-time negotiators and a full-time organiser. If there is a need for health and safety specialist input, Prospect's research team is available to assist.

Once appointed as a H&S rep, learning and development opportunities are provided by:

The Prospect course is a great springboard for new H&S reps and those seeking a refresher: in just two days (or two days over three if it is the TUC-accredited version) you will know:

- your rights & responsibilities as a H&S rep

- how to use the law

- how to maximise your impact and really make a difference where you work!

Your employer may also offer you in-house training courses. So why not ask?

If you don't know who your union reps are, contact our membership department by email or phone 01932 577007.

Alternatively, email your expression of interest to: