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Union learning reps (ULRs)

Union learning reps

Our network of Union Learning Reps plays a key role in creating and sustaining a learning culture within the workplace working collaboratively with the branch/section.

For members interested in the learning agenda, Prospect offers a bespoke ULR training course which is supplemented with ad hoc development days. We currently have over 150 ULRs across a range of sectors.

Resources for ULRs

We provide a range of downloadable resources for union learning reps

There are also links to other relevant websites where you will find the most up to date information about various learning initiatives.

Can't find what you are looking for? Do you have any useful example documents that you would like to share with other Prospect ULRs? Please contact us at

ULR Network

We recommend that you get in touch with your local Unionlearn region to find out what's happening, current local issues and make contact with other union ULRs. Also to find out local Prospect ULRs in your region or workplace, please contact


ULR toolkit

The toolkit is a collection of our key resources for ULRs:

Leaflet/booklet: Tools for Union Learning Reps   info
A resource for ULRs which provides information about learning ideas, surveys, the ULR lending library, event planning and useful contacts and websites to provide further help. This is a key part of our ULR toolkit.
ID: 2010/00622

Guides and factcards

Negotiator's guide: Training and Development   info
Prospect is keen to promote opportunities for members' personal and career development. This guide aims to help branches reach agreements with their employer on training and development policies and systems.
ID: 2003/00003

Learning questionnaires/surveys

Learning questionnaires are vital tools to help understand your colleagues'  learning desires (both work and non-work). With approval from the branch and employer you should aim to carry out learning surveys at least once a year. Prospect provides a number of different versions:

ULR - Women in STEM Learning Questionnaire   info
Copy of learning and skills survey sent to all women in STEM in April 2012
 20 July 2012  ID: 2012/01159

Training and development survey/questionnaire for ULRs   info
This questionnaire is provided as a tool for Union Learning Representatives. Asking for staff views can be a good way of getting started in your ULR role.
 05 August 2009  ID: 2009/00996

There are various resources that can help you produce your own online survey such as Survey Monkey. They are usually simple to design, launch and analyse, although there may be some cost involved.

Prospect offers a online survey facility using a software tool called Snap. If you would like to take advantage of this facility or find out more about it, please contact

Learning Agreements

Learning Agreements are negotiated with employers to demonstrate a commitment to working with unions to promote life long learning. They also serve as an opportunity for employers to recognise the ULR role and agree paid time off to carry out the associated duties.

Visit the unionlearn website for information about negotiating learning agreements.

If you would like help in setting up a learning agreement with your employer please contact

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Lending Libraries

Prospect has five free self-study CD lending libraries available to members and their families.

Why not publicise the lending libraries to your members using one of the following posters:

Lending Library poster A4   info
Prospect's lending library is a CD and DVD based library system where members can borrow from any of the five subject areas for a period of up to six weeks at a time –
 16 January 2012  ID: 2012/00069


Application form to fund a regional or branch training course   info
If you're thinking of organising a branch or regional training course please use this form to request funding for it. It includes a list of FAQs that you should read before going ahead.
 18 January 2018  ID: 2013/00884

TUC/Unionlearn T&S funding application form   info
TUC/Unionlearn T&S funding application form
 20 August 2015  ID: 2013/00188

ULR training materials

ULR Training Course Stage 3 PowerPoint Slides   info
Copies of ppt slides used on Stage 3 of the ULR training course
ID: 2012/01161

ULR Training Course Stage 1 & 2 powerpoint slides   info
Copies of the ppt slides used on Stages 1 & 2 of the ULR training course
ID: 2012/01160

ULR Course training pack for Stage 1,2 & 3   info
ULR Course training pack for Stage 1,2 & 3, including activities and homework
ID: 2010/00669

ACAS Time off for trade union duties and activities Guidance document Jan 2010   info
ACAS guidance document re time off for trade union duties and activities, including ULR's
ID: 2010/00532

Using Careerplus resources   info
A student handout from our ULR stage 3 training course.
ID: 2009/00999

Practical IT guide for ULRs   info
Use this form to note down your ideas during our ULR course. It can be printed out and completed by hand, or completed on-screen in Microsoft Word.
ID: 2009/00998