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You can download a wide range of careers and skills-related resources from the lists below.

ULRs - we have pulled together a separate list of resources that are particularly relevant to you.


BAME development programme 2017 event flyer   info
Event flyer for the 2017 BAME development programme.
 03 May 2017 

Development programme for BME members - 1-2 July 2016   info
Development programme for BME members Ruskin College, Oxford – 1-2 July 2016
 13 April 2016 

Thinking of Going Independent   info
Information about the Aspect Group of Prospect's useful and well evaluated, "Thinking of Going Independent" one-day course that explores the option of freelance work for colleagues facing job-change. This is run both as a national course on specific dates, or can be arranged as a bespoke event to be held in-house within Local Authorities.
 01 June 2015 


Negotiator's guide: Training and Development   info
Prospect is keen to promote opportunities for members' personal and career development. This guide aims to help branches reach agreements with their employer on training and development policies and systems.
 01 October 2003 


Apprenticeship Jobs & Guide Poster   info
Apprenticeship Jobs & Guide Poster
 09 April 2013  ID: 2013/00486