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Careers and skills

Careers and skills

Prospect is committed to promoting and supporting members' personal and career development.

lantra posterLifelong learning is the process of continual learning throughout our lives. Every day brings new challenges, new learning opportunities and self-discovery. Continual learning is about acquiring new skills and improving existing ones, bringing greater choice and change for work and home.

The Prospect learning and skills project team supports this objective with innovative learning and development opportunities and by training and supporting ULRs to promote the learning and skills agenda across Prospect's diverse membership profile.

Training and development at work

In the workplace, Prospect negotiates for timely and effective training and career development opportunities for our members. We encourage our representatives to put these issues high on the bargaining agenda, and we provide a range of resources to help them do so.

Sector skills councils

At a broader level we are actively involved in the work of sector skills councils, UK-wide, employer-led organisations that cover defined industrial sectors. Their role is to:

  • define the skills and productivity priorities for their sector
  • develop strategies to deal with them
  • help deliver specific action such as apprenticeships, occupational standards and new approaches to skills and productivity problems.

Prospect represents our members on various sector skills councils including Cogent Skills, The Tech Partnership, Energy and Utility Skills and the National Skills Academy for Nuclear.

The future of Sector Skills Councils is under review and this section will be updated in due course.