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Apprenticeships app

Apprenticeships app

Prospect's free app lets you search for apprenticeship jobs from the largest collection of apprentice vacancies available via an app in the UK.

smartphone screen with Prospect appOur app, available for Android phones from the Google Play store and Apple devices from the AppStore, gives you information and guidance on everything about apprenticeships, from finding out more about a particular role to applying for a job, minimum rates of pay to what should be covered in your apprenticeship contract.

Within three scrolls of the screen you can:

  • search the latest jobs from the two main sources for apprenticeship vacancies; the National Apprenticeship Service and Not Going To Uni.
  • mark as 'favourite' any potential jobs you want to save for viewing later
  • get information and support on progression routes, types of apprenticeships and the key ingredients to a good apprenticeship. Topics include:
    • who qualifies for an apprenticeship; how to get started
    • your role in workplace safety
    • what happens if things go wrong
    • after the apprenticeship – how you might progress your career.

The app includes a checklist of all the issues to consider if you're thinking about becoming an apprentice.

It is aimed at:

  • those considering an apprenticeship
  • those involved in managing, designing and operating apprenticeships in the workplace
  • parents/guardians
  • recently recruited apprentices.

While much of the guidance is specifically related to England, the app also links to information and signposts vacancies in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

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