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National Executive Committee

National Executive Committee

The National Executive Committee (NEC) conducts the business of the union in line with the policies set by our national conference. It manages the union's affairs between conferences and normally meets five or six times a year. The powers of the NEC are laid out in the Prospect rules.

There are 23 working members, including three office-holders - the president, vice-president and deputy vice-president (the ‘presidential team') - plus the general secretary. The general secretary has no voting rights. Senior Prospect staff may attend NEC meetings in an advisory capacity, but they have no voting rights.

The NEC is elected by working members every two years, from a list of candidates nominated by branches. It serves from the conclusion of one national conference until the conclusion of the next. The elected members do not represent particular branches or professions, but are elected to look after the interests of the whole membership.

The president, vice-president and deputy vice-president are elected annually from among the voting members of the NEC by a ballot of branches at the national conference during a conference year, or a postal ballot of branches in non-conference years.

The NEC has a number of sub-committees to help it conduct its business. Each of these may set up panels or working parties reporting to them on particular aspects of their work, and some of them invite direct participation by reps from branches.

Who's who on the NEC

Denise McGuirePresident: Denise McGuire

Works for BT. Her profession is marketing and she is currently working on business continuity. Denise has also worked in networks, sales and people programmes.

Until recently, Denise was a member of BT’s European Works Council. She is the President of UNI (Union Network International) World Women’s Committee.

She is committed to promoting and growing Prospect, so people join the union and together we improve their working lives.

Craig MarshallVice-president: Craig Marshall

Works for British Energy as a full-time lay official as Secretary to the National Joint Council.

Has been active at national level since 2003.

Sits on the Finance and Audit committee; president of ESI sector executive.

Is particularly interested in Prospect finances; energy policy.

Eleanor WadeDeputy vice-president: Eleanor Wade

Works for the Intellectual Property Office as a senior patent examiner.

First elected to the NEC in 2014.

Is particularly interested in equality and diversity.

Freddie BrownFreddie Brown

Works for the Ministry of Defence as a photographer.

Has been active at national level since 2000.

Sits on the Equal Opportunities advisory committee and Members' Education and Development committee.

Is particularly interested in equalities, training, health and safety.

Dave CartyDave Carty

Works for National Air Traffic Services as an air traffic controller.

Was first elected to the NEC in May 2006.

Is particularly interested in education issues.

Peter ClementsPeter Clements

Works for Sellafield Ltd. Is branch president and joint chair of its Consultation & Negotiation Committee, with full time facilities since 2000. A time served electrician with numerous previous roles in his time with the company since 1975.

First elected to the NEC in 2010.

Particularly interested in energy policy and protections and employment law.

Jane ColcloughJane Colclough

Works for BT.


Catherine DonaldsonCatherine Donaldson

Works as a senior animal health officer for Animal Health, previously known as the State Veterinary Service, part of the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

Has been active at national level since 1996, and was Prospect president until June 2010.

As president, Catherine was ex-officio a member of all NEC sub-committees. Chaired the Recruitment, Organisation and Members' Services advisory committee and the Health and Safety committee, and sat on the Science, Engineering and Technology group and the Finance and Audit committee. Also a trustee of Prospect's benevolent fund.

Is particularly interested in health and safety, recruitment and organisation with particular emphasis on safeguarding Prospect's future.

Geoff FletcherGeoff Fletcher

Elected to the NEC in 2016


Alan GreyAlan Grey

Works for the Ministry of Defence on full time TU duties. Since 1999 he has been president of the MOD group and sits on the civil service sector executive.

Was Prospect president until May 2016.

Alan has a particular interest in Prospect membership levels and, specifically, how Prospect maintains its relevance in the workplaces we are represented in and beyond.

Jim HendersonJim Henderson

 Works for the Forestry Commission as a Mapping Officer.

First elected to the NEC in 2014.

He is particularly interested in employment law, international trade unionism and constitutional matters.

Neil Hope-CollinsNeil Hope-Collins

Works for the Heath and Safety Executive.

First elected to the NEC in May 2008.

Gordon HutchinsonGordon Hutchinson

Works for the Met Office as a Senior Business Partner and Prospect Branch Secretary.

He has been active at a national level since 2010, was first elected to the NEC in 2012, also sitting on its H&S and CORE committees. He has been chair of Prospects NEC Health and Safety committee since 2014

Gordon is particularly interested in health and safety, recruitment, STEM, as well as member and membership development.

James LeppardJames Leppard

Elected to the NEC in 2016


Andy MooneyAndy Mooney

Works for National Air Traffic Services as a business support manager

Has been active at national level since 1998.

Andy is particularly interested in working with European and international colleagues on matters that affect UK workers; development of Prospect members and reps' capability; how the union can use new technology and communications (eg social media/websites) along with other ways to engage members more effectively; developing members to become the next generation of activists.

Satnam Ner

Satnam Ner

Works for Rosyth Royal Dockyard as a radiation protection adviser.

First elected to the NEC in May 2008.

Is particularly interested in Scottish engineering; health and safety; pensions; equality and diversity.

Philip O'RawePhilip O'Rawe

Works as an IT Manager for BT Technology Service & Operations.

Has been active at a national level since 1997, in the former Connect union, and was first elected to the NEC in 2010.

Is particularly interested in organising, equal opportunities, women in STEM, performance management, employee engagement, reward systems.

Heather PhillipsHeather Phillips

Worked in mobile communications for 16 years with BT and O2. In February 2010 she changed career to work with the Highways Agency.

Has been active at a national level since 2002 when she became a member of Connect's Executive Council. Before that, she served on their Standing Orders Committee for two years. She was also a Trustee of Connect from 2003 until the January 2010 merger with Prospect.

Is particularly interested in human rights; she is active in Amnesty International UK and is chair of its Nominations Committee.

Gary SwiftGary Swift

Elected to the NEC in 2016


Nigel TitchenNigel Titchen

An environmental scientist who has worked for many years in public sector agricultural research and now works as an adviser, contractor and consultant.

Has been a National Executive Committee member for more than 12 years and served as president of the union from 2010-2012.

Nigel has a strong interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) funding and careers. He is also passionate about skills and continuing professional development – both within the workplace and the wider union movement. He has considerable pensions knowledge and is chair of trustees for Prospect's pension scheme.

Ken TrappKen Trapp

Works for National Grid as an operations team leader in HV Substations.

First elected to the NEC in May 2008.

Ken sits on the Health and Safety Committee, and is particularly interested in workplace safety.

Audrey UppingtonAudrey Uppington

Works for Sellafield Ltd as full-time Prospect branch negotiations secretary; previously worked in the finance department.

First elected to the NEC in May 2006.

Sits on the following committees: Recruitment, Organisation and Members' Services; Pensions advisory committee; trustee of Prospect pension scheme.

Is particularly interested in energy policy, recruitment and organisation and pensions, as well as ensuring members get a high quality service with professional representation.

Tasos ZodiatesTasos Zodiates

Works for EDF Energy as a Radiological Analysis Engineer.

Has been active at national level since 1992, and has been on the NEC since 1995

Sits on the Finance and Audit, and Pensions Committees, and is particularly interested in members' services; subscriptions and energy policy.