Who are Prospect?

Who are Prospect?

Prospect is a trade union that represents over 142,000 working people across the UK. We focus on professionals, managers, technical experts and craftspeople working in a huge range of industries.

What's a trade union?

"When a group of workers act and speak together, their employer has to listen. That’s how unions make things better at work." - Trades Union Congress

Unions are groups of workers organised together to win a better deal at work. In Prospect, we have formed groups of members who get together to talk about what’s going on in their workplaces and industries.

Our members discuss and negotiate on issues like pay, pensions, equalities, safety at work, unfair treatment, or the way work is organised and managed.

What's a rep?

We also have members who have volunteered to take a more active role in the union. They're usually called a rep (representative). Some reps negotiate with employers on pay or contract terms, some are responsible for health and safety, equalities or training, while others support individuals who are in difficulty at work.

We're always looking for new reps, so if this sounds interesting to you, please contact us. It's a great way to meet people, learn new skills and give something back to your workmates and your industry.

How does Prospect work with employers?

In many workplaces, Prospect is legally recognised by the employer. This means our reps and professional full-time negotiators have the right to formally negotiate with managers about pay and other terms and conditions.

We usually get recognition when a large number of employees in one workplace have joined the union. If you'd like to talk to us about growing membership in your company so we can look at getting recognition, please contact us.

A democratic organisation

Unions are run by members. In Prospect, we have an elected National Executive Committee (NEC) that is made up of representatives who make key decisions about what and how we deliver for our members. 

We also have a general secretary, who acts as the CEO of the union. This person is also elected by the membership, although often they are an employee of the union before they are elected. Members can also stand for election to this post.

To make sure we are constantly checking in with our members on what is important to them, Prospect holds a national conference every two years, attended by representatives. The conference decides on the union’s priorities. We also have smaller, industry-based conferences in alternate years.

Diversity and equality are essential to us, so we have a number of committees and networks to support the involvement of women, LGBT+ workers, black and minority ethnic workers, disabled workers and younger workers.

The rest of the union is made up of more than 250 paid staff who support members, negotiate with employers, run the union and organise in new workplaces. We aim to practice what we preach, and be a forward-thinking, inclusive, diverse and supportive place to work. To see our current job opportunities, take a look here.

Want to know more?

If you've still got questions, you might want to read:

You can also go straight through to our application form to become a Prospect member today. We'll always give you a quote for your subscription rate before we collect any personal details.

If you have a question about Prospect that isn't answered on this page, please phone our member contact centre between 8:30am and 7pm, Monday to Friday on 0300 600 1878. You can also email us at helpdesk@prospect.org.uk

Whether you are a current member, or you're just thinking about joining, we're always happy to hear from you.