Welcome message from the general secretary

Message from the general secretary

Welcome to the Prospect website. Whether you are a member or considering joining, I hope you find what you are looking for here.

Mike Clancy

Prospect represents members in exciting professional and specialist occupations across the public and private sector. Our members are proud of the work they do and the responsibility they carry. They know that Prospect can both project their professional voice and ensure their employment interests are advanced or protected.

We exist to help members have successful careers where they can balance their personal and professional objectives. We seek to understand their aspirations and the challenges they face, and to devise the best means of ensuring they succeed. We act robustly if their rights are infringed.

Prospect is a democratic organisation - our direction is set through a process of consultation. Members can get involved in our affairs and become elected to roles that help decide our policies and bargaining objectives.

We influence across the political spectrum but do not affiliate to any political party; none of our member subscriptions is paid to political parties. We want our policies to be persuasive to the government and opinion formers because they are evidence-based and have merit, based on direct input from our highly skilled and knowledgeable members. This distinguishes us from many other trade unions.

We believe in progress through collective solutions - bargaining with employers, influencing government. But we also value our members as individuals, and we aim to provide the highest standards of service, particularly where members need personal, work-related advice.

For existing members reading this statement, we want its authenticity to be tested through your experience as a member. For those considering becoming a member, we want you to understand why we are different and why you should join now.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Mike Clancy

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