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H028/AB National Oceanography Centre Section Section - Public content

Prospect H028/AB National Oceanography Centre Section

Prospect has represented the NERC staff at both Liverpool and Southampton sites since they were opened, with active committees of local reps who have supported members in personal cases and negotiated with local management on matters that are important to our members.

The formation of the NOC brought us to a new chapter, with the two sites becoming a single centre and former University employees becoming part of NERC, broadening Prospect’s remit once again. We now represent staff from across the centre, from scientists and engineers to security staff and administrators. With local representatives at both Southampton and Liverpool sites, we are able to provide local support for members across the centre.

Since the formation of UK Research and Innovation in April 2018, the NOC Section is now a sub Section of UKRI branch, but we continue to work on your behalf with NOC, NERC and now UKRI!

Prospect in NERC and UKRI

As a section of the NERC section of UKRI branch, we are part of the union team that is recognised in negotiating NOC pay rises and changes in terms and conditions for all NERC and UKRI staff, including those under TUPE. Working with colleagues in UKRI Head Office and other research councils we are able to negotiate on behalf of members at all levels within the organisation. We have trained health and safety representatives who sit on NERC and UKRI Health and Safety Committees, helping to ensure your safety at work. We also have a dedicated NERC eSection site, as well as this site, where members can keep in touch with the range of activities that are being undertaken.

Your Branch Executive Committee and local reps have been trained to handle personal cases, and Tony Bell, Full Time Prospect Negotiations Officer, is always on hand to take on more serious cases.

Prospect Nationally

Prospect is actively working to promote the science agenda within Government and to safeguard the rights of members in national negotiations on issues such as pensions, redundancy compensation and retirement schemes. By promoting the science agenda, and ensuring the continuation of Research Council funding, Prospect helps protect jobs for all staff.

Prospect Locally

Within NOC our focus is on providing personal support and advising members. With the continual change in management and services across the NOC, Prospect provides a stable support network for all our members.

For more information, contact Helen Snaith (x26410, room 254/12) at Southampton, or Angela Hibbert (x54824, MPOC - 1st floor) at Liverpool for more informaiton, or join online

The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.