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Documents relevant to members in Scotland

Circular: Standard: STUC Annual Disabled Workers' Conference 2017   info
calling notice
 15 August 2017  ID: 2017/01233

Circular: Minutes: Minutes of the 8th Meeting of the Scotland Committee   info
The minutes of the meeting.
 28 July 2017  ID: 2017/01115

National newsletter: EducationEye, July 2017   info
The July issue of Prospect's newsletter for members in the Education and Children's Services group. Contents include: New Soulbury pay and conditions agreement; biennial meeting and group executive council election arrangements; Warwick Mansell reads between the lines of the Queen's Speech on education policy; updates from your negotiating teams; Scottish education shake-up; new studies and research; Maurice John Gifford obituary
 07 July 2017  ID: 2017/01036

Submission: A Severance Policy for Scotland: Consultation on severance arrangements across the devolved public sector   info
AFPO response to Scottish Government Consultation on Severance
 23 June 2017  ID: 2017/00967

Leaflet/booklet: Stand up for fair pay for BT managers   info
A5 leaflet setting out why Prospect opposes BT's plans not to increase base pay for staff on the reward framework in 2017
 15 June 2017  ID: 2017/00908

Circular: Standard: STUC Black Workers' Conference 2017   info
calling circular for motions and nominations
 15 June 2017  ID: 2017/00905

Circular: Standard: STUC Annual Women's Conference 2017   info
calling notice for nominations and motions
 13 June 2017  ID: 2017/00896

Circular: Standard: STUC HIghlands and Islands Conference 2017   info
calling notice for delegates
 08 May 2017  ID: 2017/00752

Circular: Standard: STUC Youth Confeence 2017   info
notice calling for nominations and motions to the annual conference
 25 January 2017  ID: 2017/00171

Local newsletter: Building Prospect Scotland Newsletter - January 2017   info
The recruitment and organising newsletter produced by the Prospect Edinburgh office, formerly known as the 'Organising Scotland' newsletter. January 2017 edition.
 25 January 2017  ID: 2017/00169