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Documents relevant to members in Scotland

Leaflet/booklet: Civil servants deserve better   info
A5 recruitment leaflet, produced to coincide with Civil Service Live 2019
 05 June 2019  ID: 2019/00873

Poster: Standing up for civil servants   info
A4 poster produced for Civil Service Live events 2019
 05 June 2019  ID: 2019/00872

Knowledge Document: Pay claim for staff in the Scottish Government, 2019   info
Pay claim for staff in the Scottish Government, 2019
 04 April 2019  ID: 2019/00610

Circular: Standard: STUC Annual Youth Conference 29/30 June 2019   info
Calling notice for motions and nominations STUC Annual Youth Conference 29/30 June 2019
 11 January 2019  ID: 2019/00070

Circular: Standard: STUC LGBT+ Workers Conference 2019   info
Calling circular for motions and delegates STUC LGBT+ Workers Conference 2019
 11 January 2019  ID: 2019/00069

Leaflet/booklet: Demanding a just transition for energy workers   info
A leaflet outlining the just transition demands agreed by members of Prospect, GMB, UNISON and Unite.
 17 December 2018  ID: 2018/02124

Poster: Prospect year planner 2019   info
Year planner for Prospect reps and branches
 04 December 2018  ID: 2018/02087

Leaflet/booklet: Settled status for EU nationals – guidance from Prospect union   info
After the UK leaves the EU, EU nationals living in the UK by 31 December 2020 will have to apply for a new settled status. This guidance provides an overview of the information that was known in October 2018.
 29 October 2018  ID: 2018/01880

Circular: Standard: STUC Annual Congress 2019   info
Circular calling for motions and nominations
 26 October 2018  ID: 2018/01877

National newsletter: WiseEye, September 2018, issue 3   info
Wise Eye is Prospect's magazine for retired members
 24 September 2018  ID: 2018/01675