About Prospect in Scotland

About Prospect in Scotland

From our office in Edinburgh, the day to day work of the union in Scotland is carried out with employers. We also engage with the Scottish government over a range of issues from energy policy to investment in skills to the importance of R&D funding.

Our members work in a variety of industries and organisations including:

  • defence
  • energy
  • research
  • agriculture
  • heritage
  • marine
  • health and safety
  • telecoms
  • nuclear
  • science
  • nature
  • civil service, including Scottish Government
  • aviation.

We have more than 200 elected representatives who work with full-time officials to negotiate, represent, lobby and advocate on behalf of our members.

We are affiliated to the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) participating in each of the equality committees as well as sitting on the General Council.

In early 2011 we established a Prospect Scotland public sector cuts campaign committee to challenge the government attacks on pay and pensions.

Prospect also established a Scotland committee to oversee information and material for members on the referendum on Scotland's future.