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International development

International development policy

Prospect's international agenda is built around a framework set at our 2012 national conference.

In a period of austerity, conference delegates recognised that some difficult economic decisions have to be made. But as as Trades Unionists, we have to be willing to continue to help those whose plight is such that their very existence is often challenged. On that basis, they agreed that Prospect should continue to expand its International Development Network.

In particular, conference agreed that Prospect should:

  • seek to ensure the safety and wellbeing of workers in the developing world who will be involved with the construction of infrastructure (energy, telecommunication and roads). The TUC and global union federations would be asked to lobby DFID to reconsider its support for the ILO and to raise the awareness of the Decent Work Agenda with investing companies and Non-Governmental Organisations to whom we are affiliated.
  • Continue to recruit, develop and support  Development Advocates and the international network across the Union
  • Support the recruitment of migrant professional workers employed in organisations where Prospect is recognised
  • Promote and work on global issues with the Global Union Federations (Public Services International, Union Network International and the International Transport Workers Federation) to which Prospect is affiliated.
  • Continue to work with branches and employers on corporate responsibility and supply chains.


Case studies

Case studies on achievements of Prospect branches include work by development advocates on:

Corporate social responsibility

  • EDF energy, Scottish Agriculutral College and AHVLA

Sustainable development

  • Marine Management Organisation and AHVLA

Procurement and supply chains

  • Natural England, Marine Management Organisation and Scottish Agricultural College
  • EFRA: Ethical finance for development (government procurement cards and banking services)

Shared international agenda

  • Factcards (guides) available on request for the international dimension on health and safety, environment, equalities and union learning.

Solidarity and union capacity building projects supported by Branches and Nationally

  • Free Lilliany Obando campaign with Justice for Colombia (HRMPS)
  • Sweatshop workers in Honduras with War on Want (HSE)
  • Girl child labour in Guatamala with War on Want (FSS)
  • Bonded labour in India with Anti Slavery International
  • Flower pickers in Colombia with War on Want
  • KETAWU: Energy workers union in Kenya