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Prospect and the environment

Prospect has a proud tradition of leadership and activity on environmental issues. We have helped to shape policies and action at a UK level through the Trades Union Congress, and internationally through our global union federations.

planet earthClimate change is a major issue for trade unions because:

  • the move to a low-carbon economy has massive implications for jobs
  • it has huge economic consequences
  • it is linked to many Prospect policies, eg international development
  • it has implications for the working environment.

As a union, Prospect is uniquely well placed to make a significant contribution in combating the dangers of climate change.

Members in the Met Office, research councils, the Environment Agency, the energy sector and many other areas have a scientific or professional expertise and a common concern to address the most serious threat to the future of life on our planet.

Putting policies into practice

Environment and energy network

We have an informal network which enables members with an expertise or interest in the environment and energy to make contact and exchange information.

Download a European Trade Union Confederation guide to green workplaces.

Environmental policy objectives and action plan

As an employer, Prospect has drawn up a set of environmental policy objectives and an action plan.

Members in the environment/food industry

Prospect represents thousands of members working in this area - see the industry pages of our site for more information.

Members: log in now to find out how to join the environment and energy network, or to download any of the documents from the list below.

Downloadable resources

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Standing up for Natural England flyer   info
Standing up for Natural England flyer
 23 January 2019 

Stand up for Natural England poster   info
Stand up for Natural England poster
 23 January 2019 

Brexit and the UK border: progress review inquiry   info
Submission by Prospect to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee Brexit and the UK border: progress review inquiry
 07 November 2018 

Your planet needs you poster   info
Your planet needs you! A4 poster based on 'The Incredibles' about adopting environmental practices at work.
 22 July 2016 

Carbon Management Plans and your work footprint   info
Presentation slide show supporting the guide on carbon management plans. The slide show gives an overview of why we need to reduce carbon emissions, the carbon budgets and fun facts on where emissions are coming from. There is specific information on the devolved government legislation and priorities.
 18 March 2016 

TUC guide: Go green at work   info
Handbook for environment representatives or members interested in workplace environmental sustainability
 28 May 2015 

Is this the lightest green government ever?   info
This leaflet explains why the government's cavalier disregard for expert advice on the environment and green investment undermines its claim to be "the greenest government ever".
 12 September 2011 

Green workplaces for a better future   info
A leaflet outlining how Prospect can help you improve environmental performance in the workplace. Includes useful tips, contacts and links.
 02 June 2011 

I'm Not A Number... I'm a climate scientist   info
Part of the I'm Not A Number campaign – Sue Benham is an expert in applied environmental science. Tackling climate change – and reducing CO2 emissions – is one of the biggest challenges we face. The UK’s climate scientists play a vital role in monitoring change and seeking solutions
 03 March 2011