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Prospect Photographers'

If you're a photographer working in the civil service or its agencies, Prospect is the union for you.

Prospect represents photographers working across a number of civil service departments and agencies. Their terms and conditions may vary, but from a professional and specialist point of view they've got a lot in common. 

Photographers in these organisations benefit from being part of a union that represents specialists. And because they tend to be employed in small numbers within any organisation, it's important that they have a means of sharing their experience with colleagues in other organisations.

Our Photographers Group serves two main purposes:

  • it's a forum for members to communicate and share their experiences
  • it helps Prospect take a co-ordinated view on issues which affect them professionally. This is especially important because they're likely to be one of a very small number of photography professionals in their organisation. 

If you're logged into the Prospect website and can see a link on the left to the Photographers Group 'member pages', then we already know that you're a photographer, and you've got access to the full range of content for the eGroup, including our discussion forum.

If you're already a Prospect member and you're a photographer, but all you see when you log in is the Photographers Group public page, please email us and let us know that you'd like to be part of the group, quoting your membership number if possible.

If you're not a Prospect member but you're working as a photographer in the civil service or an NDPB, find out more about what Prospect can do for you.


The views expressed on this site are not necessarily the views of Prospect nationally.