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Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and Harassment is a topic that Prospect take very seriously, the Forestry Commission has a Bullying and Harassment Policy that has been negotiated with the FC Trade Unions.  Complaints are dealt with informally or formally through the Grievance Procedure.  If you are being bullied or harassed then you can feel very isolated; but you aren't alone, unfortunatley 1 in 4 people believe that they have been the target of bullying at work which is why we have a number of trained advisors who can help or just be there to talk to and gain some advice.  (contact details are below)

Harassment is behaviour that feels specifically targeted at individuals because of their: age, sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or ability/disability.  New legislation came in recently (2010) to cover all these diversity strands.  Harassment can be a series of events or can be as simple as a one off act that is sufficient to damage a person's confidence in their working environment or their colleagues.

Bullying can take a number of forms and can include:

  • Shouting or swearing at people in public or private,
  • Persistent criticism
  • Constantly undervaluing effort
  • Spontaneous rages, often over trivial matters
  • Deliberately sabotaging or impeding work performance
  • Blocking applications for holiday, promotion or training

In either case, bullying or harassment, it does not matter whether the behaviour is intentional or not, if it makes you feel bad it is unacceptable. 

If you are being subjected to unacceptable behaviours please get in touch with one of our trained Bullying and Harassment Advisors, we are here to help:

 Sue Benham (Alice Holt) 01420 526209

Jim Henderson (Silvan House) 0131 3146360

Lorraine Adams (Alice Holt) 01420 526159

Russell Bailey (Clifton Moor N Yorks) 01904 696300

Or talk to one of our equally capable Personal Case Reps:

Glenn Brearley (NRS) 0300 067 5914

Andrew Stewart (Inverpark Dumfries) 01350 727561

Marcus Sangster (Silvan House) 0131 334 0303