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Ericsson Pay Consultation 2011

12 July 2011

Over the last weeks your Prospect reps have consulted members about Ericsson's full and final 2011 pay offer for Prospect represented units.

HP Members Update

07 July 2011

This briefing is to provide information to HP members on End User Service Outsourcing and 2011 Pay Review.

All change in Telefonica UK

07 July 2011

Members are telling us they can't remember such an intense period of change since the formation of O2.

Cable & Wireless Channel Islands Pay 2011 Ballot Result

07 July 2011

Following a ballot on the 2011 pay offer Prospect members in Cable & Wireless Channel Islands have voted to accept the offer.

Steria News Update

05 July 2011

BT has yet again demanded further reductions in the price Steria charges it to deliver its services.

Other recent articles:

Cable & Wireless Channel Islands Pay Ballot 2011

The pay negotiation process has concluded and a final position on pay has been received from the company.

Update for members in BT Global Services from their IRC

Prospect continues to work hard in BT Global Services, raising issues on behalf of members and working with the business to make it as successful as possible. The industrial relations agenda is keeping your union Reps busy, so here's a brief update on a few key issues.

KCOM Group Pay 2011

The 2011 outcome of the pay formula for KCOM has now been announced, and this year the pay formula has delivered a pay pot of 4.5%

Changes to Sales and Bonus Transfer Allowance and Step-Down payments

Important advice to protect your contractual rights on STA and Step-down payments.

UPDATE - Ericsson Pay Negotiations 2011

Following on from the communication, mem-062/11, sent to members last week we are writing to confirm the venue for the Sunbury pay meeting with Steve Thomas, National Officer.

Ex-Accenture Case Management Pay Review 2011 - Ballot Result

Prospect's ballot of members on the Ex Accenture Case Management Pay Review 2011 closed at 11am today.

Telereal Trillium Pay 2011

Negotiations have now concluded with Telereal Trillium on 2011 Pay.



Telereal Trillium Pay 2011

Negotiations have now concluded with Telereal Trillium on 2011 Pay. Your Prospect Branch Committee has concluded that this is the best deal that can be achieved through negotiation and have voted to accept the final offer as outlined in the company's letter.

HP EUS Account

HP and BT have announced that BT will be taking the EUS part of the account back in-house in September.

Steria Annual Pay Review 2011

Members of Prospect will be aware of the Company's announcement this week relating to this year's annual pay review.

Ericsson Pay Negotiations 2011

We have come to the end of pay negotiations with Ericsson for 2011.
You can read details of the company's offer on the right hand side of this page as well as our response

Ex-Accenture Case Management Pay Review 2011

Prospect has had meetings with BT to discuss the application of pay for the Case Management team transferred into BT from Accenture last year.

Changes to the Yell Expenses Policy and Restructuring in 118 24 7 & Business File

You will by now have seen the company's proposals to change the expenses policy.

Computacenter 2011 Pay Negotiations

Members vote to accept the Computacenter pay offer for the 2011 Pay Review

Computacenter 2011 Pay Negotiations

Following a number of meetings with the company Prospect have now received a final, without prejudice, offer for the 2011 pay review. This offer letter is attached.

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