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Telefónica UK, TGT and Digital - MPG and Equivalent grades 2014 Pay ballot Result

04 February 2014

Telefónica UK, TGT and Digital - MPG and Equivalent grades 2014 Pay ballot Result

Your biosphere needs you!

03 February 2014

Predictive modelling of the biosphere is a long-term goal that could unite Prospect scientists across a range of disciplines, says microbiologist Dave Roberts, who retired from the Natural History Museum in December 2013

Hibu Negotiations Update, Administration, Redundancy Policy, Bonus Pay and Salary Review - Jan 2014

29 January 2014

Hibu Administration

Members will have seen some press coverage recently indicating that Hibu is being placed into administration.  Prospect were not informed of this prior to it appearing in the press.  However we sought clarity from the company and understand that as part of this restructuring a number of non-trading parts of the Group, including hibu plc, will be wound down.  However, the trading companies in which the company works and with whom customers, partners and suppliers do business are not affected by this technical process.  Hibu UK – your employing organisation – is similarly unaffected by this development as are your employment terms and conditions. 

Pay 2014: Members Ballot - Offer received

28 January 2014

Following two meetings, Prospect has now received a final pay offer for 2014 from Computacenter.

Telefónica Pay 2014 News

21 January 2014

Prospect has been negotiating with Telefonica over pay proposals for 2014. We have now reached a proposed pay settlement which we are prepared to recommend to the grades we collectively represent. The proposals would apply to MPG2/4, PSG1, PSG2, RCGS1/10, RCGS2/20 and RCGS3/30 in Telefonica UK, TGT and Digital. We will invite these members to take part in an e-ballot over the coming weeks. Prospect believes, given the current economic climate and the financial constraints Telefónica is under, this is a good deal for our members and as such your negotiating team strongly recommends it.

Other recent articles:

TechMahindra Pay Ballot

The ballot closed at 11am today, and the result is:

TechMahindra Pay Ballot

The ballot closed at 11am today, and the result is:

Performance Management & Sales Achievements in BT Business

Prospect has raised concerns with BT Business that in some sales units achievement against sales targets are being used to directly determine individual quarterly DPR markings. In discussions with the business we have reiterated our view that such a practice is outside of the Our Approach to Performance Agreement and that such guidance needs to be reviewed.

Update for BT Openreach members, January 2014

Members Update

Can we start by wishing all members a Happy New Year. 2014 has started with some terrible weather in many parts of the country and this has meant many of you having to work flat out to cope, with Openreach now calling for contractual overtime amongst engineers in some regions to clear the backlog of work. 

This will means some OM’s in affected regions may be asked to volunteer to come in on a Saturday for a period. Management have told Prospect arrangements for this will be discussed at a local level. It should be remembered any Saturday attendance is voluntary and if you do attend you should later take TOIL. If you experience any problems with this contact your local rep or the Prospect helpdesk on 020 8971 6060 or helpdesk@prospect.org.uk

This update will cover some of the main topics which Prospect will be dealing with in Openreach in 2014 and also looks at the work of the Prospect Openreach Industrial Relations Committee.  

BT TSO December Update

BT TSO December Update:

  • Organisational Change
  • Paid Leaver Scheme
  • Performance Management
  • Co-location

Capita December Update

Formal Recognition Agreement signed with Capita Customer Management Ltd
On 31st October 2013, Prospect signed a Framework Partnership Agreement with Capita Customer Management Ltd, setting out a joint commitment by the company and union to working in a way which benefits the business and employees alike. 

Prospect BT Business & BT Consumer IRC Update

It has been an exciting and challenging year of change for members working in BT Business and BT Consumer. The summer saw the successful launch of BT Sport.

BT Wholesale update - December

BT Wholesale update - December

  • Leavers Terms - an option for some
  • Skills Capture Knowledge Exercise
  • Good News for Liverpool
  • Prospect Pioneers Calendar

BT Pension Scheme Trustees

The unions (Prospect and the Communication Workers’ Union), together with the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (NFOP), have agreed to re-nominate the three Member-Nominated Trustees whose term of office ends soon.

Consumer Service Transformation Team Restructure

Prospect recently met with BT Consumer to discuss the restructure of the Transformation Teams following the announcements that the organisation will be restructured to compromise of a new model of 8 Directorates.

Broadband money not enough

The decision by the government to award £10m to market test innovative solutions for bringing broadband to hard-to-reach areas was welcomed today (Wednesday) by Prospect.

Telereal Trillium Prospect Members Update

Prospect members in Telereal Trillium may be aware that the 2013 Pay Agreement made provision for a budget equivalent of 0.2% of MPG pay bill to be distributed as of December 1st 2013. Pay increases will be awarded to individuals with 8 or more years’ service and who have not yet reached the mid-point of their role (MPG 2, 4 or 5).

BT Consumer-Service Transformation Team Structure

Members working in the BT Consumer Service teams will be aware of the proposed re-organisation which will see the number of RF roles in this area of business reduce. This is a significant change to the structure of the BT Consumer Service teams and Prospect has questioned the rationale behind the proposals and the effect it will have on members’ ability to perform their roles effectively in the future.

Airwave November Update

Prospect recently met with Airwave to discuss a number of issues raised by members and an update follows:

Airwave November Update

Prospect recently met with Airwave to discuss a number of issues raised by members and an update follows:

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