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IT & Telecoms News

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Airwave Salary Review 2011

23 September 2011

Prospect has been in discussions with Airwave over the 2011 pay agreement which members voted for earlier this year.

Project Harper/Vodafone Transfer

22 September 2011

For some time now we have been aware that Vodafone and Ericsson are in talks that could potentially see planned, optimisation and performance work transfer back into Vodafone.

Salary Pay Dates in Telereal Trillium

21 September 2011

We've been contacted by Telereal to discuss proposals to align pay dates across the company.


Accenture Pay Offer 2011 - Ballot Result

12 September 2011

The ballot on the 2011 pay review for Grades D to E in Accenture HR Services, Accenture Learning, BSS, AO for BPO and IO for BPO has now closed.

Pensions indexation: the change from RPI to CPI

23 August 2011

We have previously written to you about the government's decision to use CPI rather than RPI as the basis for annual increases to public sector pensions.

Other recent articles:

Ericsson Pay Ballot 2011

The membership ballot of Ericsson's 2011 pay offer for employees covered by Prospect for purposes of collective bargaining has now concluded.

More support needed for broadband rollout, says Prospect

Government funding for the rollout of broadband to rural communities will be insufficient, the union for professionals in the communications sector has said.

BT performance management survey 2011

Prospect has just published the results of its survey of performance management in BT, conducted earlier in 2011.

Remapping Exercises in BTGS

BTGS has informed the union that role re-mapping exercises are being undertaken in BTGS Gov. and Health, BTGS Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Vendor Management.

Ericsson Pay Ballot 2011

Prospect has now received an updated offer from the company.

Project Capri and potential insourcing to Vodafone

Earlier this week your representatives met with Ericsson to continue consultation over Project Capri offshoring and relocation of work within the UK.

Ex-Accenture Learning Members in BT Pay 2011 – Ballot Results

Prospect's ballot of ex-Accenture Learning members in BT on the company's pay offer closed at 11am today.

HP Pay 2011 – Ballot Results

Prospect's ballot of HP members on the company's pay Review has now closed.

Ex Accenture Learning Pay Review 2011

The Prospect team has had meetings with BT to discuss the application of pay for the Learning & Development team transferred into BT from Accenture.

Ericsson Pay Consultation 2011

Over the last weeks your Prospect reps have consulted members about Ericsson's full and final 2011 pay offer for Prospect represented units.

HP Members Update

This briefing is to provide information to HP members on End User Service Outsourcing and 2011 Pay Review.

All change in Telefonica UK

Members are telling us they can't remember such an intense period of change since the formation of O2.

Cable & Wireless Channel Islands Pay 2011 Ballot Result

Following a ballot on the 2011 pay offer Prospect members in Cable & Wireless Channel Islands have voted to accept the offer.

Steria News Update

BT has yet again demanded further reductions in the price Steria charges it to deliver its services.

Cable & Wireless Channel Islands Pay Ballot 2011

The pay negotiation process has concluded and a final position on pay has been received from the company.

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