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Telereal Trillium

Prospect has worked with Telereal Trillium for many years, supporting members through various changes as the business has developed. We meet regularly withthe company to negotiate on key issues such as pay, pensions, employment policy and health and safety at work. We also support individuals where necessary, which is a confidential service available to members - regardless of role within the managerial and professional population.

We have a regular dialogue with the company so we encourage all out members to keep in touch, let us have your views and ideas, and encourage your colleagues to join the union to ensure we're as representative as possible.


Telereal Trillium News


mem-079/15 Telereal Trillium BT Service Contract TUPE Update

13 October 2015

Please find attached the Statement of Measures for the proposed TUPE transfer from Telereal to BT and BTFS.

Other recent articles:

Telereal Trillium BT Services Contract TUPE Update

We have begun formal consultations regarding the proposed TUPE transfer of the BT Services contract from Telereal Trillium to BT and BTFS in April 2016.

Telereal Trillium Members Update

Prospect and Telereal Trillium have started the annual pay review and reward discussions.

Telereal Trillium Prospect Members Update

Prospect members in Telereal Trillium may be aware that the 2013 Pay Agreement made provision for a budget equivalent of 0.2% of MPG pay bill to be distributed as of December 1st 2013. Pay increases will be awarded to individuals with 8 or more years’ service and who have not yet reached the mid-point of their role (MPG 2, 4 or 5).

Telereal Trillium pensions consultation deadline extended

As a result of representations by Prospect, the consultation deadline has been extended by one week.

Telereal Trillium Pensions Update for Members

As the consultation around the Telereal Pension Plan continues, we thought it might be helpful to update members on the work of the union.

Telereal Defined Benefit Pension Plan – consultation announced

Colleagues joining Adam Dakin’s call today will have heard headline issues regarding the Defined Benefit Pension Plan and the outturn of the latest triennial review.

Telereal Trillium Salary Review 2012 - 1st June 2012

We have now concluded our discussions with Telereal Trillium, having received a final offer from the company

Salary Pay Dates in Telereal Trillium - September 2011

We've been contacted by Telereal to discuss proposals to align pay dates across the company.


Telereal Trillium Pay 2011

Negotiations have now concluded with Telereal Trillium on 2011 Pay.



Telereal Trillium Pay 2011

Negotiations have now concluded with Telereal Trillium on 2011 Pay. Your Prospect Branch Committee has concluded that this is the best deal that can be achieved through negotiation and have voted to accept the final offer as outlined in the company's letter.

Telereal Trillium Pay 2010

Negotiations have now concluded with Telereal Trillium on 2010 Pay.