Whatever your grade or type of employment contract, Prospect can help you get the best deal at work. We work with Telefonica to ensure the highest standards of people management so that you can get on with your job - safe in the knowledge that your interests are being looked after.

Telefonica recognises the union to represent managers and professionals and says "This agreement reflects the aims and values of Telefonica and represents a partnership between its business and the union who are the recognised union for collective bargaining purposes on behalf of managers and professionals. The Company and the union share a common objective of ensuring excellent industrial relations in order to deliver the best quality service to the customers and clients." 

We offer expert professional representation - both collectively and individually - on your terms and conditions. Pay systems, pensions, performance management, flexible working and equal opportunities are just a few of the areas where we have years of esperience to offer you.

It pays to be in the union. Through collective bargaining, personal representation, unique pay surveys and professional advice, whatever your grade we can and do influence your pay for the better.

We manage change for the better. In short we work with Telefonica to ensure the company is successful and that you share in that success. Moreover, our agenda in Telefonica is driven by your concerns and priorities. We have established a network of Telefonica members to take this agenda forward.

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Telefonica Latest News

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Learning and Development Evolution

10 April 2014

Telefónica has begun consultation with Prospect over changes within Learning and Development (L&D) affecting the management structure. The company’s aim is to develop and invest in L&D, working in partnership with the business, taking into consideration business priorities and broadening the L&D offering across the business. There will be an emphasis on operating in a simple, consistent way, providing a ‘fit for the future’ service, which can be accessed by all. As part of the proposals Digital Learning will be further developed and accessible via one common platform. It is expected the new structure will go live at the end of May 2014.

Telefónica Restructure in Marketing and Consumer

03 April 2014

Telefónica has begun consultation with Prospect over restructure in Marketing and Consumer driven by changing business priorities.

Telefónica February Update -Telefónica Digital -Telefónica Retail -APRs -March membership challenge – earn £10 for each new member

27 February 2014

Telefónica Digital
Following the announcement today in the press of the Telefónica Digital restructure, Prospect has urgently sought more information from the Company about what this means for Telefónica Digital employees in the UK. As yet we have been advised the exact impact of the changes, or how these changes will be managed, have not been decided. The company has assured us it will keep us informed as a matter of priority. We appreciate this will be an unsettling time for members concerned but will update members on developments as and when they arise.

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