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The Communications, Media & Digital Sector of Prospect negotiates with BT on everything related to your working life, from pay and terms and conditions, to pensions, change in the workplace, career development and equality issues.

Prospect leafletsThe union works with BT at every level, from local reps talking over issues in one building to negotiating teams working at the top level of the company. Working members in BT set our priorities and policies and work with the union's professional negotiators at line of business level and at BT Group. In addition, we represent individuals with problems or who simply need our advice.

To find out more, look in this section and also in the BT lines of business areas under 'your employer'.


Prospect members have access to information about the key agreements with BT.


Performance management has been a big issue in BT - you can get all the key documents and advice here.

Latest BT News

BT Events for Comic Relief

16 March 2011

Comic Relief Red Nose Day (Friday 18 March) is approaching, for interested members in BT there is still time to get involved in fundraising activity.

BT Comic Relief Events Friday 18th March

16 March 2011

Comic Relief Red Nose Day is approaching, for interested members in BT there is still time to get involved.

Performance Management in BT Global Services

11 March 2011

We recently met with the new policy lead on Performance Management within BT GS and were pleased to identify so much common ground and understanding.

Other recent articles:

Pay and Respect in BT Call Centres survey

Prospect's survey for members in BT Retails contacts centres to complete on Performance Management.

Performance Management in BT

Prospect's survey on the new approach to the Performance Management in BT.

Review of Homeworking Policy

We have reached a new BT Homeworking Policy.

BT Procurement Re-organisation

The restructuring of the Procurement Function in BT has reached the appointment process for levels 4 and below. Prospect has been engaged in discussion in the last few days with Procurement about this process.

Worktime Yourtime in BT Retail

Getting the right balance between your time at work and the rest of your life is important but increasingly difficult, mainly because of the seemingly ever-increasing demands placed on people at work.

O2 Final Salary Scheme Proposed Changes - Ballot

This important email and ballot details are intended for all members of Connect sector of Prospect who are members of O2's final salary pension scheme - either Section 2 or Section 3.

BT Pay, Bonus & the RF

Latest news relating to BT Pay is in the member only section

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