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Prospect in BT

The Communications, Media & Digital Sector of Prospect negotiates with BT on everything related to your working life, from pay and terms and conditions, to pensions, change in the workplace, career development and equality issues.

Prospect leafletsThe union works with BT at every level, from local reps talking over issues in one building to negotiating teams working at the top level of the company. Working members in BT set our priorities and policies and work with the union's professional negotiators at line of business level and at BT Group. In addition, we represent individuals with problems or who simply need our advice.

To find out more, look in this section and also in the BT lines of business areas under 'your employer'.


Prospect members have access to information about the key agreements with BT.


Performance management has been a big issue in BT - you can get all the key documents and advice here.

Latest BT News

Performance Management in Openreach

23 January 2012

Members will be aware that the union has been working hard with Openreach to ensure that individual performance is managed in line with the national BT wide agreement.

Prospect in BT - Group Negotiations round up

19 January 2012

´╗┐´╗┐Prospect has discussions with BT on a wide range of issues affecting you at work. Here is a quick round up of key live issues affecting Reward Framework grades across BT:


BT Global Services Sales Pay Plans procedures

17 January 2012

´╗┐Prospect has for many years engaged with BT Global Services (BTGS) on matters to do with sales pay plans. 

Over the coming weeks we will be consulted over the 2012-13 plans.

Other recent articles:

SOM Development Centres

SOMs (Senior Operations Managers) working in Service Delivery in Openreach will have heard today that the role is subject to some changes in emphasis, an updated job description and a re-focus of the capabilities and skills.

BT Retail Sales Excellence Programme

We recently met with BT Business for an update on the progress of the Sales Excellence programme

BT Global Services Sales Charter

Members have raised questions regarding the Sales Charter.

BT Operate Service Delivery Development Centres

BT Operate Service Delivery will be running Development Centres for first Line Managers in the next few weeks.

Changes to Sales and Bonus

In that email we reported that BT was proposing to halve the value of STA payments and to reduce the value of Step-Down Payments very greatly. This would only affect those moving to a role with a lower On Target Bonus - and this does not happen very often - but it is nevertheless true that the existence of the STA and Step-Down arrangements provide a valuable parachute for those facing a potentially very serious and immediate loss of income.

Autumn Update from the Openreach IRC

This update covers Learning and Development Re-organisation, Controls Model Office launch, Flex - being reviewed shortly and Winter Wellness campaign.

Openreach: OM Do-ability

Openreach CEO Liv Garfield has today announced some of the detail behind the plans to change the job design of the OM role and better support our members in this role.

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