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Prospect in BT

The Communications, Media & Digital Sector of Prospect negotiates with BT on everything related to your working life, from pay and terms and conditions, to pensions, change in the workplace, career development and equality issues.

Prospect leafletsThe union works with BT at every level, from local reps talking over issues in one building to negotiating teams working at the top level of the company. Working members in BT set our priorities and policies and work with the union's professional negotiators at line of business level and at BT Group. In addition, we represent individuals with problems or who simply need our advice.

To find out more, look in this section and also in the BT lines of business areas under 'your employer'.


Prospect members have access to information about the key agreements with BT.


Performance management has been a big issue in BT - you can get all the key documents and advice here.

Latest BT News

BT Retail IRC Newsletter

05 December 2012

Across BT Retail it has been a busy 2012 and throughout the year your BT Retail IRC has been engaging with BT across a wide number of issues

BT Innovate and Design Organisational Change & Co-location

20 November 2012

This news article gives an update on co-location and the organisational changes taking place within BT Innovate and Design.

BT Retail OHD Re-organisation

23 October 2012

A number of concerns have been raised with the union by members in BT Retail Learning and Development teams relating to the re-organisation which will see members working in Retail L&D merged into the new Retail Organisational Health and Development structure.

Other recent articles:

BT to auto-enrol thousands into pension schemes

On 1 November, BT will be among the next tranche of employers to auto-enrol those of its employees who are not active members of any pension scheme.

BT Facilities Services Ltd - update conference call for members

BT and Prospect have had further discussions on BTFS, and we want to invite members affected by this reorganisation to participate in a conference call for an update.

Consumer Sales Bonus

Prospect has met with BT to discuss the development of the new Inbound and Manager Bonus System for Consumer Sales teams.

Co-Location in BT Innovate and Design

As outlined in our last communication Prospect is aware that BT Innovate & Design is proceeding with the next phase of their Co-Location Programme.  Your prospect representatives met with the company recently to discuss their proposals for this next phase. 

BT Facilities Services Ltd - conference call for members

The creation of BTFS has moved forward with the formal acquisition of Monteray.

Registers of Scotland TUPE - Update

We have today been informed that BT and the Registers of Scotland have reached an agreement in principle to end their Strategic Partnership Agreement earlier than previously planned, at 23:59 on Friday 30 November, subject to both sides agreeing finalised terms. 

BT Innovate and Design News Round-Up

This newsletter provides members with an update on BTs proposals for having ‘fewer, better, people managers’, Cameron Rejali’s bid to build a world class high performing organisation and co-location.

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