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Prospect members have access to information about the key agreements with BT.

Latest BT News

The Union's 2013 BT Pay Claim

09 April 2013

Prospect have now formally begun discussions with BT on 2013 pay and have submitted a claim.

Consumer Sales Bonus Payments

20 March 2013

Dear Colleague

Following feedback from members the union raised concerns with BT Retail

Prospect Performance Management survey

27 February 2013

BT has invited Prospect to take part in some diagnostic work to consider some of the challenges around performance management. 

Other recent articles:

Performance Management in Openreach

Colleagues will have seen an update for members across the BT Group last week. We wanted to provide additional information for members in Openreach, and share this recent exchange of correspondence between us. What we need in addition, is feedback from members.

Openreach Voluntary Leavers schemes

There are various announcements going out in Openreach regarding Voluntary Paid Leaver Schemes in particular support areas across the business.

Consumer Sales Leadership Development

Members in Consumer Sales will have now been provided with details of the CS Leadership Development plans for 2013 and the associated Assessment Centres all managers will be asked to undertake.

2013 - a busy year ahead for Prospect in BT

Prospect’s focus is on promoting work that provides people with the opportunity to learn and develop; with fair and equitable reward; in a safe and healthy environment, and where they are treated with dignity and respect. Here’s a quick round up of what we’re working on right now to ensure these really happen for you. Watch out for local calls and meetings.

Another busy year, thank you from Prospect!

As we approach the end of 2012 it is worth looking back over what has been an incredibly busy year, both for members working in Openreach and for your Prospect Reps.

BT Retail IRC Newsletter

Across BT Retail it has been a busy 2012 and throughout the year your BT Retail IRC has been engaging with BT across a wide number of issues

Organisational Change & Co-location

This news article gives an update on co-location and the organisational changes taking place within BT Innovate and Design.

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