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Prospect in BT

The Communications, Media & Digital Sector of Prospect negotiates with BT on everything related to your working life, from pay and terms and conditions, to pensions, change in the workplace, career development and equality issues.

Prospect leafletsThe union works with BT at every level, from local reps talking over issues in one building to negotiating teams working at the top level of the company. Working members in BT set our priorities and policies and work with the union's professional negotiators at line of business level and at BT Group. In addition, we represent individuals with problems or who simply need our advice.

To find out more, look in this section and also in the BT lines of business areas under 'your employer'.


Prospect members have access to information about the key agreements with BT.


Performance management has been a big issue in BT - you can get all the key documents and advice here.

Latest BT News

Equal Pay - January 2015

27 November 2014

We have agreed with BT how the 0.3% of paybill for equal pay will be spent in January 2015. Increases will be paid to people paid below different cut off points confirmed as eligible in the validation process.


mem-106/14 BT IT Services: Homeworker Status and Performance management

14 November 2014

BT IT Services update for Prospect members on Homeworking and Performance Management.

Working for BT 2013 - Survey results

29 September 2014

Prospect has posted individual reports on aspects of our 2013 survey of members in BT to our library.

Other recent articles:

Performance Management Knowledge Calls

Openreach will be inviting all Openreach managers to attend interactive knowledge calls on Q2 performance management.

Flexible Retirement Policy – BT Pension Scheme

This is of particular interest to members of the BT Pension Scheme who want (either now or in the future) to take their pension whilst continuing to work for BT. It does NOT apply to members of the BTRSS.

BT Business & Consumer IRC Newsletter

At the recent Prospect Communication Media & Digital Sector conference your BT Business & Consumer IRC was elected by Prospect representatives. Details of the IRC can be found on our website:

Throughout 2014/2015 your IRC will focus on:

Good Health at Work
Performance Management
Protecting your Terms and Conditions at work
Working with Members
Contact Details

Performance Management Update

Prospect met with BT Wholesale HR this week to discuss Performance Management (PM) concerns raised by members via the Prospect Helpdesk and our PM feedback channel callitout@prospect.org.uk. We discussed specifically the application of forced distribution, the misuse of the ‘Development Needed’ rating and the arbitrary setting of targets/objectives. We have received the following response from the Company which confirms BT Wholesale’s position on this. 

Members Update July 2014

  • Performance Management

  • Resourcing
  • Bonus

  • Health and Safety

  • IRC

  • Recruit a colleague and get a reward

Finance job family changes

Following detailed discussions with Prospect, BT has announced changes to the Finance Reward Framework job family.

Prospect - June update

Pay and bonus review

People are starting to get their pay and bonus review letters. If you want to check out the terms of the agreement on pay or have a question then have a look at our website www.prospect.org.uk/BTpayreview.

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