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The Communications, Media & Digital Sector of Prospect negotiates with BT on everything related to your working life, from pay and terms and conditions, to pensions, change in the workplace, career development and equality issues.

Prospect leafletsThe union works with BT at every level, from local reps talking over issues in one building to negotiating teams working at the top level of the company. Working members in BT set our priorities and policies and work with the union's professional negotiators at line of business level and at BT Group. In addition, we represent individuals with problems or who simply need our advice.

To find out more, look in this section and also in the BT lines of business areas under 'your employer'.


Prospect members have access to information about the key agreements with BT.


Performance management has been a big issue in BT - you can get all the key documents and advice here.

Latest BT News

Members Update July 2014

18 July 2014

  • Performance Management

  • Resourcing
  • Bonus

  • Health and Safety

  • IRC

  • Recruit a colleague and get a reward

Finance job family changes

17 July 2014

Following detailed discussions with Prospect, BT has announced changes to the Finance Reward Framework job family.

Prospect - June update

13 June 2014

Pay and bonus review

People are starting to get their pay and bonus review letters. If you want to check out the terms of the agreement on pay or have a question then have a look at our website

Other recent articles:

BT Pay - proposed pay agreement

We have now reached a proposed pay agreement with BT which we are recommending that you vote for in an e-ballot that will start next week. You can read the details of the agreement below.

BT Wholesale Update April 2014

BT Wholesale Update April 2014

- Performance Marking in Wholesale

- BT Wholesale Resourcing Strategy

- Continuous Improvement

- Our thanks to Jonathan Andrews

- BT Wholesale Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) Vacancy

- Membership challenge – earn £10 for each new member

BT Pay negotiations

The union has submitted its claim for the 2014 pay round and we have now held some initial discussions with the company.

Submitting Business to the 2014 CMD Sector BT Conference

The Standing Orders Committee (SOC), have published their guidance on submitting business to the 2014 CMD Sector BT Conference.

BT Consumer Sales & Retention Reorganisation Update

BT Consumer has confirmed to Prospect that all substantive first Line Managers working in Consumer Sales and Retention Contact Centres will be ‘lift and shifted’ into the new organisational structure as of 1 April 2014.

Performance Management & Sales Achievements in BT Business

Prospect has raised concerns with BT Business that in some sales units achievement against sales targets are being used to directly determine individual quarterly DPR markings. In discussions with the business we have reiterated our view that such a practice is outside of the Our Approach to Performance Agreement and that such guidance needs to be reviewed.

Update for BT Openreach members, January 2014

Members Update

Can we start by wishing all members a Happy New Year. 2014 has started with some terrible weather in many parts of the country and this has meant many of you having to work flat out to cope, with Openreach now calling for contractual overtime amongst engineers in some regions to clear the backlog of work. 

This will means some OM’s in affected regions may be asked to volunteer to come in on a Saturday for a period. Management have told Prospect arrangements for this will be discussed at a local level. It should be remembered any Saturday attendance is voluntary and if you do attend you should later take TOIL. If you experience any problems with this contact your local rep or the Prospect helpdesk on 020 8971 6060 or

This update will cover some of the main topics which Prospect will be dealing with in Openreach in 2014 and also looks at the work of the Prospect Openreach Industrial Relations Committee.  

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