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Latest BT News

BT Pay Review 2016

20 April 2016

We have now successfully reached an agreement with BT on the 2016 pay review.

Prospect Graduate Network Conference Call 14th March 2016 - Recording

22 March 2016

Recording of the Conference Call – for all graduates -  with Ben Marshall, Prospect CMD Sector National Secretary held on Monday 14th March.

The Bonus Newsletter 1/16

01 March 2016

Newsletter for BT Sales Grades.

Other recent articles:

Only BT can deliver broadband for Britain, says Prospect

 Prospect has warned that a radical reform of Openreach will jeopardise the regulator Ofcom’s aim of providing at least 10MB broadband for everyone in Britain.



BT – Performance management, equal pay, assessment centres and more

This is a quick round up of key issues prospect is dealing with in BT at the moment.

The Bonus Newsletter: December 2015

Newsletter for BT Sales Grades.

Prospect publishes 'Working for BT' survey report

Prospect has today published the final report of the 2015 edition of our 'Working for BT' survey.

BT Consumer Sales & Service Attendance Agreement Update

The BT Consumer and Business IRC are continuing to meet with the company to review the roll out of the Consumer Sales and Service Attendance Agreement.

BT Openreach Centres of Excellence Update

As you probably know, Openreach has announced more centres of excellence today. We welcome the fact that they have listened to some of our arguments for additional locations.

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