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Northern Ireland

Prospect has more than 1,600 members in Northern Ireland.

Legal rights in northern ireland factcardThey work for a range of employers, including:

  • BT
  • Big Lottery Fund
  • Met Office
  • Ministry of Defence
  • NATS
  • National Trust

In the energy industry we have members working for employers such as AES (at Ballylumford and Kilroot power stations); SONI (The System Operator for Northern Ireland Ltd); and NIE (Northern Ireland Electricity).

Reps' network

We have a Northern Ireland network which enables local reps from different employers to share experiences and best practice and to develop their skills.

Legal rights factcard

Members can download our factcard summarising your legal rights at work in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland documents

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ID Type Title Date
2016/00838 National newsletter Download now: Prospect’s magazine for members in education and children’s services. Spring 2016 issue. Contents include: Children will pay price of forced academies policy; Counting the cost of 'free' childcare; New schools free-for-all – government agency land purchases; Bringing the boardroom to the classroom – a Prince's Trust project; School funding plans endanger democracy; Prospect workers' rights and EU campaigns, plus more EducationEye, Spring 2016 12 April 2016
2016/00534 Submission Download now: The Education and Children’s Service Group of Prospect welcomed the opportunity to respond to the consultation on the School Development Service interim structures.
Prospect represents school improvement professionals, education administrators and managers within the education sector in Northern Ireland and across the UK. In providing a response Prospect drew upon the expertise and experience of members in the Northern Ireland Education Authority and in the education sector generally. Prospect reponse to the consultation on School Development Service in Northern Ireland Interim Structures 03 March 2016
2016/00180 Leaflet/booklet Download now: A5 flyer promoting Prospect's prize draw scheme for 2016. All working and unemployed members who pay their subscriptions by direct debit will be entered into a draw for one of three, 32GB Apple iPads. Win an iPad with Prospect 21 January 2016
2016/00061 Leaflet/booklet Download now: Information about Prospects training events for members interested in environmental sustainability and climate change. Sustainable workplaces workshops 08 January 2016
2016/00060 Poster Download now: Four posters with quotes about the good things unions do. Quotes from Martin Luther King jr, Ronald Reagan, Pope Francis and Clarence Darrow Famous quotes about good things unions do 08 January 2016
2015/01716 Leaflet/booklet Download now: Leaflet summarising Prospect's views on Ofcom's review of digital communications, focusing on arguments against separating Openreach from the rest of BT. This leaflet was sent to all politicians in Westminster, Holyrood, Wales and Northern Ireland assemblies. UK communications infrastructure: the workers' perspective 23 December 2015
2015/01637 Knowledge Document Download now: The case studies included are from a range of workplaces where Prospect members have been or are currently involved in making their workplaces environmentally sustainable. They reflect a range of member initiatives and journeys towards low-carbon, energy efficient workplaces. Sustainable workplaces: member case studies 10 December 2015
2015/01628 National newsletter Download now: Prospect's magazine for members in education and children's services. Autumn 2015 issue EducationEye, Autumn 2015 08 December 2015
2015/01339 Leaflet/booklet Download now: Prospect's magazine for members in public service Public Eye, issue 4 November 2015 03 November 2015
2015/01332 Leaflet/booklet Download now: Campaign leaflet asking the public to help convince the Chancellor of the Exchequer to invest in our heritage High Five Heritage 02 November 2015
2015/01198 Local newsletter Download now: This briefing is intended for members of the Aspect Group of Prospect working in Northern Ireland. It follows the members’ meeting held on 23 September at the Clounagh Centre, Portadown and summarizes information, discussions and advice provided on the day. Further updates will be provided in due course as negotiation, consultation and discussions with Employer and DE representatives proceed. Aspect Group of Prospect Northern Ireland Members' Briefing 28 September 2015
2015/01178 Submission Download now: Prospect response to the consultation on developing modern, efficient and effective employment tribunals Consultation on Employment Tribunals - Northern Ireland 25 September 2015
2015/01100 Knowledge Document Download now: Analysis of results of a Prospect survey on aviation carried out in 2015 Prospect aviation survey report 10 September 2015
2015/00857 Knowledge Document Download now: Prospect report outlining the findings of the union's post-election survey of members 2015 election survey report 13 July 2015
2015/00410 Local newsletter Download now: Aspect Group welcomes the opportunity to respond to the proposed structure of tiers 1-3 of the new Education Authority.
 Aspect Group of prospect represents school improvement professionals, education administrators and managers within the education sector including the curriculum and examinations board CCEA. The level of uncertainty within the affected organisations in the education sector has been exacerbated by the prolonged and unsuccessful debates about ESA and the short time to the establi Aspect Group of Prospect Consultation on Structure of Senior Management in the new Education Authority in Northern Ireland 26 March 2015
2015/00409 National newsletter Download now: Education Authority established on April 1 2015
As the new education authority comes into existence, 
there have been several meetings with DE officials and 
management from the Education Authority Implementation 
Team to ensure the terms and conditions and rights of Aspect members are protected when they transfer into the new organisation. Over the next few weeks further meetings are planned to iron out any issues or difficulties that may arise. 
The main elements of the transfer are outlined b Aspect Group Northern Ireland Members' Bulletin 26 March 2015
2015/00287 Knowledge Document Download now: Prospect briefing on telecoms for members and politicians General election 2015, telecoms briefing 02 March 2015
2015/00286 Knowledge Document Download now: Prospect briefing on science for members and politicians General election 2015, science briefing 02 March 2015
2015/00285 Knowledge Document Download now: Prospect briefing on pensions for members and politicians General election 2015, pensions briefing 02 March 2015
2015/00284 Knowledge Document Download now: Prospect briefing on the labour market for members and politicians General election 2015, labour market briefing 02 March 2015
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