Energy news updates

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HSE launches long-awaited CDM consultation

01 April 2014

The Health & Safety Executive announced its 10 week consultation on proposals to amend the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2007

Nuclear workers welcome Magnox contract winner

31 March 2014

Prospect welcomes news that Cavendish Fluor Partnership has won the contract to manage the Magnox and RSRL sites

Prospect: CMA energy market investigation must not halt vital investment

27 March 2014

Prospect, which represents over 20,000 professionals in the energy sector, has voiced concern that the referral of the 'big six' by OFGEM to the Competition and Markets Authority could hamper much needed investment in the sector.

Prospect union sounds alarm on nuclear skills gap

05 March 2014

The drive to achieve a secure low-carbon energy supply for the future will be jeopardised if action isn't taken to recruit more highly skilled graduates and apprentices into the industry.

Victory as protected pensions pledge stays intact

13 February 2014

The government's decision not to override pension protections put in place when the electricity industry was privatised has been welcomed by Prospect.

Other recent stories:

Move to Prospect Wimbledon Office & 2014 Pay Offer

Following some internal re-organisation, responsibility for Prospect members in Intergen has moved from the regional office in Liverpool to our office in Wimbledon. Last week Colin Daye-Gretton and I met Intergen to resume pay discussions. After consideration of a number of options, Intergen finally put to us an offer which we are recommending to you.

Sellafield invite for PAC chair

Commenting on the Public Accounts Committee report into progress at Sellafield, Prospect has welcomed recognition of the shortage  of skills in decommissioning.

Your biosphere needs you!

Predictive modelling of the biosphere is a long-term goal that could unite Prospect scientists across a range of disciplines, says microbiologist Dave Roberts, who retired from the Natural History Museum in December 2013

Prospect welcomes Toshiba stake in NuGen

Prospect welcomes the news that Toshiba is seeking a majority stake in NugGen

Wylfa a step closer

Prospect has welcomed news that the Treasury has signed a deal with Hitachi and Horizon over the financing of a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, North Wales.

Energy debate is due

Prospect has broadly welcomed the Labour party's Powering Britain green paper.

Seminar to explore Plutonium benefits

The 120 tonnes of plutonium stored at Sellafield could work as an asset and the benefits of recycling it to provide low-carbon energy and highly skilled jobs for the future should be explored.

Prospect calls for evidence of science at risk

Prospect’s science, engineering and sustainability advisory committee is collating evidence of UK science at risk through loss of skills and threats to funding.

MPs sign up to Prospect Pledge

More than 20 MPs from across the political spectrum attended the launch of the Prospect Pledge campaign in the House of Commons on 6 November.

Prospect welcomes strike price

Prospect has welcomed news that EDF and the Treasury have reached agreement on the minimum price the company will be paid for electricity produced by the first new nuclear power plant to be built in a generation.

Sellafield decision welcome

On behalf of 21,000 specialists in nuclear decommissioning and energy supply Prospect has said the decision to extend the management contract at Sellafield for another five years is the common sense option.

New Prospect recognition deal

The largest union for nuclear workers has signed a landmark recognition deal with Babcock International-Nuclear reinforcing its role as the voice for scientists, engineers, managers and specialists within the industry.

Nuclear vital to energy mix

A lively TUC fringe meeting in Bournemouth last Tuesday (10 September) heard why nuclear new build must contribute to a balanced energy policy, and debated the challenges this poses.

Welcome for new policy stance

Prospect has welcomed the Liberal Democrats' recognition of the need for new nuclear power stations as a key component of low-carbon energy generation for the future.

Prospect backs waste study

The largest union for nuclear industry employees has welcomed the announcement that a new consultation is to explore the options for managing the UK's stock of radioactive waste.

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