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Prospect news stories

The HR leadership challenge: an ethical approach

11 December 2014

A joint Prospect union and Work Foundation event was held on the  theme of “Human resources: Custodian of organisational conscience, deliverer of financial targets or strategic business leader?” Penny Vevers reports. Photos by Stefano Cagnoni

Call for ethical charter for HR leaders

08 December 2014

Lord John Monks, former general secretary of the TUC, calls for an ethical charter for human resources.

Civil service performance management system is discriminatory

26 November 2014

The civil service performance management system demonstrates patterns of institutional discrimination, according to new information obtained and analysed by Prospect

BT IT Services: Homeworker Status and Performance management

14 November 2014

BT IT Services update for Prospect members on Homeworking and Performance Management.

Openreach Members Update October 2014

24 October 2014

Openreach Members Update October 2014

  • New National Officer and IRC
  • Performance Management
  • Re-organisations, team size
  • Member get Member
  • Health And Safety
  • Going on Leave? Be careful with your passwords!
  • Contribute

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