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BT Wholesale Update April 2014

11 April 2014

BT Wholesale Update April 2014

- Performance Marking in Wholesale

- BT Wholesale Resourcing Strategy

- Continuous Improvement

- Our thanks to Jonathan Andrews

- BT Wholesale Industrial Relations Committee (IRC) Vacancy

- Membership challenge – earn £10 for each new member

Airwave March Update

25 March 2014

Airwave Pensions Committee Employee Representative Elections

Voting for the Airwave Pensions Committee Employee Representatives is open until the 28th March 2014 so if you haven’t voted already, please do!  The committee is there to ensure good governance of the Airwave pension funds, so it’s important you have employees on this committee who will have the ability and support to represent your best interests. Following a request from the CWU and as reported on the March ‘Tiffin’ call, Prospect is happy to endorse Alison Beech, a CWU representative standing as an employee candidate. Alison is an experienced Rep and has the full backing and support of her union. Alison will have direct access to the expert knowledge of CWU Pensions Actuaries and other professional supporting teams within the CWU. Prospect is happy to recommend members vote for Alison -  vote here for pension scheme employee rep

Performance management - 'call it out' good or bad

20 March 2014

BT has been briefing line managers about a new approach to the end of year assessment process

Prospect stress event offers solutions

06 March 2014

Around 100 Prospect health and safety representatives met in London yesterday to examine the epidemic of work-related stress in the UK, the stigma associated with it and to discuss solutions

Telefónica February Update

27 February 2014

Telefónica Digital
Following the announcement today in the press of the Telefónica Digital restructure, Prospect has urgently sought more information from the Company about what this means for Telefónica Digital employees in the UK. As yet we have been advised the exact impact of the changes, or how these changes will be managed, have not been decided. The company has assured us it will keep us informed as a matter of priority. We appreciate this will be an unsettling time for members concerned but will update members on developments as and when they arise.

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