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Prospect medics caught in crossfire

27 February 2014

About 200 medical professionals in Prospect face even more uncertainty as their employer, ATOS Healthcare, seeks an early exit from a controversial £500m contract with the government.

The case against zero hours contracts

05 August 2013

A CIPD survey suggests that over a million UK workers may be on zero hours contracts - many more than previously thought. Employers use zero hours contracts to give themselves maximum flexibility, and the worker minimum rights.

Changes to MPG Terms and Conditions Update

25 July 2013

Changes affecting PCGs moving into Red Band

BT Retail IRC Newsletter

23 July 2013

At the recent Prospect Communication Media & Digital Sector BT conference your BT Retail IRC for 2013/2014 was elected by fellow Prospect representatives. Details of your BT Retail IRC can be found on our website.

In the coming year your BT Retail IRC will focus on:

Airwave - Terms and Conditions of Employment

22 July 2013

Members are fully aware of the challenging financial outlook facing Airwave. There’s no doubt this has been the most difficult business environment Airwave has had to face since its inception. Prospect’s priority has been to safeguard jobs while achieving a fair balance in reshaping existing Terms and Conditions (T&Cs).

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