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Vet disease monitor fears

05 December 2013

Prospect says the decision to end post-mortem examinations at eight Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency sites is premature.

Wylfa a step closer

04 December 2013

Prospect has welcomed news that the Treasury has signed a deal with Hitachi and Horizon over the financing of a new nuclear power station at Wylfa, North Wales.

Consumer Service Transformation Team Restructure

04 December 2013

Prospect recently met with BT Consumer to discuss the restructure of the Transformation Teams following the announcements that the organisation will be restructured to compromise of a new model of 8 Directorates.

Broadband money not enough

04 December 2013

The decision by the government to award £10m to market test innovative solutions for bringing broadband to hard-to-reach areas was welcomed today (Wednesday) by Prospect.

Telereal Trillium December Pay Awards

02 December 2013

Prospect members will be aware that the 2013 Pay Agreement made provision for a budget equivalent of 0.2% of MPG pay bill to be distributed as of December 1st 2013. Pay increases will be awarded to individuals with 8 or more years’ service and who have not yet reached the mid-point of their role (MPG 2, 4 or 5).

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