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Prospect Civil Service Sector

Prospect members on the 26 March demo in LondonProspect has over 34,000 members in the civil service and related areas.

They are specialist staff working in roles that are dramatically different to the traditional public perception of civil servants: marine surveyors to museum curators, patent officers to prison chaplains.

If you're not a Prospect member but you're a civil servant working in a specialist role, find out more about what Prospect can do for you.

The civil service eSector is an area of the website specifically for our civil service members. It covers issues that are of particular interest to them, such as pay, pensions and redundancy. There's also a private discussion forum where they can exchange comments about these issues. We'll also be building a new range of content about the coalition government's cuts agenda, which will have a major impact on civil service jobs.

Members in Prospect's mainstream civil service branches will automatically get access to the full eSector content when they log in. Other users - members outside the civil service, or non-members - will only see a limited range of the content.

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Compensation scheme: latest documents:
(see compensation scheme page for further detail)

Civil service compensation scheme early day motions Download now: Liberal Democrat MPs who signed compensation scheme early day motions.
15 September 2010 [ID: 2010/01330]
Liberal Democrat MPs who signed compensation scheme early day motions.

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