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Prospect networks – a route through the union

Prospect supports several networks for groups of members to contact each other and to share information and experiences. In turn, the networks enable the union to contact members with particular interests and consult them on relevant issues.

networks leafletThere are no commitments in belonging and they're a chance for you to get involved in the union without becoming a formal representative. You have the chance to attend events on behalf of Prospect and feed in ideas to the national executive which may become union policy.

You can sign up to most of our networks through your member welcome page - just click on the option to change your settings, then go to the 'my interests' tab.

Many hundreds of members now belong to one of Prospect's networks. Is there one for you?

Corporate social responsibility

This network is for Prospect members and representatives who have an interest in, or are involved in, discussions with employers on corporate social responsibility. Briefings include updates on standards, European initiatives, European Works Councils, global agreements and key themes impacting on corporate behaviour.

E: international@prospect.org.uk


The environment network is a contact point for those with expertise or an interest in environmental issues who want to engage with management on sustainable development. It provides support for workplace environment champions, workplace activities, training, events and an opportunity to contribute to policy submissions.

E: environment@prospect.org.uk


Prospect's equality networks are an important source of expertise for the union and are open to all members who have an interest in the specific issue covered by each network, with the exception of the LGBT network.


For disabled Prospect members.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

This network is run on a confidential basis, you do not have to be 'out' at work to join, but you must identify as LGBT.

Race equality

For members interested in eliminating racism and promoting race equality.


For women in science, engineering and technology.


This network is for keeping Prospect's women members in touch.

Through the equality networks the union:

  • seeks comments from members on workplace and legislative developments
  • informs members about appropriate seminars, courses etc
  • provides support for members campaigning for equality and against discrimination in the workplace and in society generally
  • facilitates contact between network members to help them support each other.

E: equalitynetworks@prospect.org.uk

Visit the Equalities area of the website for the terms of reference for these networks.


The European network shares information and connects those with expertise or an interest in Europe. It also provides an opportunity for members to contribute to policy debate and submissions. It is aimed at those who participate in European Works Councils, sit on company boards, European sector skills councils or other worker social dialogue fora.

Home/home-based workers

Makes contact and shares information with other members who work from home and consults them about their experience and other Prospect activities.

E: homeworkers@prospect.org.uk

International development

Electronic communication on global information – including trade union solidarity, calls for assistance, global theme days, events and national campaigns.

E: international@prospect.org.uk

Union learning reps

Helps ULRs to raise the profile and promote the value of training and development in the workplace. Assistance includes initial and follow-up training, website advice and access to information.

E: learningchampions@prospect. org.uk

Young professionals

A forum for members under 30 to meet others of the same age, exchange information on issues of common interest and be active on campaigns. Regional groups are being set up which will link into TUC youth forums.

E: ypn@prospect.org.uk