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Health & safety  

Promoting health, safety & well-being is a Prospect priority delivered through organised workplace rep activity, campaigns and policy influence. Our guidance includes:


Health & safety in the workplace 

SIX health & safety reasons our members give for joining:

  1. it's easy to understand - nobody wants to be hurt
  2. everyone cares about life and death, don't they
  3. community support is generated and can be inspirational
  4. health and safety reps reduce accidents & ill health by 50% 
  5. the union swiftly makes a difference: win-wins for you and your employer
  6. the expertise we gain from the health & safety practitioners we represent.

Download 2016 TUC guidance on organising for health and safety in pdf or tablet/smart phone format. 

For success, health and safety must be integral to our workplace activity. Many bargaining matters have health and safety risks.

For instance:

  • organisational change and restructuring
  • staffing levels
  • shifts
  • absence management
  • harassment and bullying.

So coherence between H&S reps and other lay reps within branches and Prospect officers is vital. Make sure you know and engage your H&S reps. H&S reps make sure you are known to your constituents and within your branch.

Please keep your on-line membership records up-to-date. For H&S reps, this ensures you receive bulletins, circulars and other notifications. If in doubt, please contact our membership department by email or phone 01932 577007. 

Health & safety Campaigns 


 Influencing health & safety policy

Prospect's health & safety research officer seeks to:

  • engage with others, locally and nationally
  • offer your voice to shaping policy, research, campaigns and compliance
  • gather and disseminate information to support organising and negotiating teams, Branches, reps and members
  • respond to requests for specialist support made via your full-time officer. 

The NEC Health & Safety Advisory Committee provides a strategic link with our members.